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The Elegance Stone Tile at The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran with Bali Terrazzo

Bali terrazzo is a premium Bali stone tile for outstanding floors. If you need to find a Bali Terrazzo supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri)  or email: [email protected]

We all know that every hotel has its own unique design and characteristics. Hotel architects have the principle that comfort can be determined from a design. No wonder the design of a hotel always amazes us. And sure enough, a hotel that has a beautiful design will give the impression of being comfortable, calm, and also creating a sense of awe. This is what you will feel when you come to the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran. This hotel offers an eco-friendly concept combined with a modern look. Make every visitor will feel like living in a piece of heaven. And what makes it feels like heaven is the Bali Terrazzo tile spreading all across the room.

Bali Terrazzo Tile at Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran

When you come to The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran and pay attention to every detail in this hotel, you will see that the architect has done a very good job. Almost all the elements and building components in this hotel look perfect. Even the smallest things, such as the ornaments hanging from the ceiling, also the charming custom canopy in the restaurant that makes visitors feel the breeze on the open space. The most interesting thing about this hotel is the use of tiles. They use Bali Terrazzo tiles for some of the main parts of the hotel. For a moment, you may not feel the difference between ordinary tiles and terrazzo. But in reality, terrazzo floors offer many advantages.

bali-terrazzo-floors (1)
Bali Terrazzo with elegance grey color at The Wujil Resort

The Bali terrazzo floors are made of various types of materials such as shattered marble, sand, a mix of cement, and other natural elements that make them beautiful. The mixture of marble also makes this floor a beautiful color. Bali Terrazzo has several color variants that can be adjusted to the concept and design of the building. If you want to use it for your project, the color selection should match the overall concept, especially if you also plan to use natural stone for wall cladding. The combination of the two will certainly create a captivating exoticism. Not only its beauty, but the material composition in this tile also makes Bali Terrazzo has good durability. Using this material as the flooring will ensure they last for years to come.

bali-terrazzo-floors (2)
Bali terrazzo tile for floors at The Wujil Resort

In short, Bali Terrazzo is a perfect option if you want something as amazing as you see at the Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran. This is the material you need to make the floor looks exceptional. Moreover, the cost of using and installing a terrazzo floor is affordable. You just need to find the right suppliers and contractors that give a reasonable quote. And the end result will be excellent as you have wonderful material lay all over the room that changes the whole perspective.

Keep in mind that the Bali Terrazzo is not just a regular tile, but it is an exquisite material that elevates the building to the next level. And if you want something beautiful on some parts of the building, such as the bathroom, using a terrazzo bathtub will add eccentricity.

If any further assistance, you need regarding the Bali terrazzo, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email: [email protected]

The Elegance Stone Tile at The Wujil Resort & Conventions Ungaran with Bali Terrazzo

Reconnect Your Mind, Body, and Brain with A Super Comfy Private Bali Pool Style

If you feel that you don’t have a moment to take a long vacation, just sit in your silent and comfy room then get a meditation is still a good thing. Meditation is a simple way you can do just to reconnect your mind, body, and brain again. Through meditation, people can improve their mental health and wellbeing better. How do you often meditate?

A Modern Way to Meditate Yourself

People want to feel relax and fresh. After doing many things in a day, get a meditation while back at home sometimes is a beautiful thing to do. Meanwhile, there are alternative ways you can do to get meditation. Go for a swim in your private Bali pool style then relaxing your mind, body, and brain there. It is really impactful to refresh your mind, body, and brain from your routine. The freshness and natural atmosphere in your private pool can give a good aura to your body. When your body can feel the comforts, your mind and brain can feel enjoyable. It is a great thing to do just to improve your mental health and wellbeing better.

Consider building a private pool in your house sometimes a good choice if you live in a crowded city. You can build your private Bali pool style by adding some trees, plants, and many other things just to make you feel relax and recharge yourself. Build a super comfy Bali swimming pool sometimes according to the homeowner’s favorite thing. If he like a private pool just a place to reconnects his mind, body, and brain, adding a natural touch into the private pool becomes a great solution.

A Super Comfy Private Bali Pool Style in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

A super comfy swimming pool can come from many aspects, what things around and inside the pool as examples. If you want to feel more enjoyable in your private Bali swimming pool while swim inside, you can add a natural touch to the tile with natural stone such as Bali green Sukabumi stone, Bali black lava stone, and Bali sandstone tiles. Then, you can add some trees, plants, and flowers to improve the natural ambiance outside the pool.

Stone Depot is the leading natural stone company that can assist you to choose a suitable natural stone tile for your private pool. If any further assistance you need, please feel free to contact us through our Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: https://pesan.link/putri_sandstonetiles (Putri)  or email: [email protected]

Reconnect Your Mind, Body, and Brain with A Super Comfy Private Bali Pool Style

Creates The Balinese House Style with Indonesia Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Putri2 Barcode Scan WAIndonesia Natural Stone Wall Cladding is a premium natural stone to improve the quality of buildings. If you need to find an Indonesia Natural Stone Wall Cladding supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://pesan.link/putri_sandstonetiles (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Indonesia is known as the largest archipelago country in the world. With such a vast landscape, it is not surprising that Indonesia has a very diverse culture and traditions. In addition, Indonesia is also known to have abundant natural resources. One of the most sought after natural resources by property developers from around the world is natural stone. Indonesia’s natural stone is very diverse and has a uniqueness that is different from the others. Of course, this is one of the factors that make natural stone from Indonesia widely used in world-class resorts and hotels. Plus, the natural stone is multifunctional as you can use it for different purposes.

Indonesia Natural Stone for Wall Cladding      

The uses of Indonesia natural stone for wall cladding at Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore   

Many property developers choose a natural stone because it provides many advantages. In the long run, the use of natural stone can be considered an investment. Properties that use natural stone are considered to have a higher future value when it is on sale. This assumption is based on the depletion of natural resources and the very high demand for natural stone so that the stone is considered to have an ever-increasing value. If you want to make the selling value of property increase in the future, Indonesia’s natural stone is the right material that will add future value. You will not regret the decision you have made when you use this kind of stone.

The tropical-style resort at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali with Bali Black Lava Stone Cladding

In addition, Indonesia’s natural stone is also the best choice if you want to create a property with a Balinese touch. Many tourists who come and go to this island are amazed by its distinctive buildings. As a result, they decided to build a house in the Balinese style. To complement the perfection of this design, the use of wall cladding is the right choice. Wall cladding is an inseparable aspect of Balinese style home design. Like Yin and Yang, the Balinese house needs wall cladding in order to create beauty perfection. There’s no other way to do it. You need to use local natural stone to match Balinese’s unique touch.

You are lucky because there are so many choices of Indonesian natural stone that will make the Balinese style house look just right. There are at least 3 options to choose from to ensure perfect wall cladding. You can choose the distinctive Balinese limestone cladding in white. This type is suitable for indoor areas that require bright colors and support lighting. The next option is Lava stone wall cladding with a distinctive dark black color. If you want to have an elegant outdoor area, this natural stone is the best choice. Last but not least, the Bali Basalt wall cladding is another option available. The grey basalt is one of the strongest and the most durable rock.

Based on those three available options, you have the freedom to make your imagination happen. The Indonesia natural stone will ensure that the wall looks striking and elegant. Please don’t let your wall empty undecorated – the wall cladding stone is the right material to create unique patterns and color on your walls.

If any further assistance, you need regarding the Indonesia natural stone wall cladding, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly:
https://pesan.link/putri_sandstonetiles (Putri)  or email: [email protected]

The Balinese House Style with Indonesia Natural Stone Wall Cladding