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Bali Black Lavastone Tiles – Warm and Cool Designs with Black Lavastone Tiles at Holiday Inn Bali Resort Project by Stone Depot

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles offer you warm and cool designs with basalt or andesite materials. Check out each colour variants here for more information.

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles for Swimming Pool Project (Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali)

Black Lavastone Tiles in Bali – Perfect Combination of Bali Lava Stone Tiles with Any Design Projects

Bali Black Lavastone tiles are famously known and often used in architecture. As one of the natural stones in Indonesia, black lavastone is perfect to have a solid, lasting property. Whether for swimming pool tile pavers, gardening platforms, or even bathroom floors, this option is to go for. Its surface also comes in varieties. Speaking of varieties, black lavastone has plenty of twins. One of them is black basalt. You can have warm and cool designs with Bali lavastone for flooring tile. Before that, we need to get to know more about black lavastone. What makes it special, especially in architecture?

Bali Black Lavastone – Color Varian

Bali basalt stone has another name, which is andesite stone. Basalt can be used for Bali Black Lavastone tiles since it is also the type of black lavastone. It is also solid like granite. Whether indoor or outdoor, Bali lavastone is just as good. You can see it on luxurious properties. Some of the examples include hotels, luxury villas, and fancy residential. For outdoor properties, you can see it on carports, driveways, parking areas, and even sidewalks. Bali lavastone also has a range of different colors, like grey, dark grey, and black. Each color may work wonders for different properties.

Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles – Luxurious Black Lavastone for Swimming Pool Tiles

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles for Swimming Pool (Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali)

As the company that produces Bali Black Lavastone tiles, Stone Depot makes six major Bali basalt or andesite products. They are tropical red basalt, green basalt, grey basalt, Baltic grey basalt, blue ocean basalt, and black crystal basalt. To use any of them in the indoor application, you can have the polished finish version. Each color represents a different atmosphere. For starters, the tropical red basalt gives a sense of warmth when used as indoor tiles. Some houses with Mediterranean style have this color. It is also not a rare option in tropical areas, especially for luxurious buildings like hotels and resorts.

If you prefer something elegant and rather majestic, choose black crystal basalt for your Bali Black Lavastone tiles. Unfortunately, this shade does not look bright if used indoors (not even with proper lighting). It will be quite difficult when you try to detect some gathering dust from a distance. Crystal black basalt is better as an outdoor application. For a sense of coolness, you can choose green basalt and blue ocean basalt. These two color choices are great for either indoor or outdoor tiles. Grey basalt and Baltic grey basalt offer you a sense of something much cooler. These two are also perfect for both indoor and outdoor tiles. Whatever suits you best, basalt or andesite has a lot to offer.

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Bali Black Lavastone Tiles – Warm and Cool Designs with Black Lavastone Tiles at Holiday Inn Bali Resort Project by Stone Depot

Bali Cream Marble Tiles – Good Ideas For Beautiful Interior with Bali Cream Marble Tiles

Bali cream marble tiles are ideal for all design projects. Get your tiles from Stone Depot for high material quality.

Bali Cream Marble for Flooring Tile – Great Quality of Bali Cream Marble Tiles & Slabs

Bali Cream Marble Slabs

Cream marble is a great addition to any interior, both residential and commercial buildings. Bali cream marble tiles are especially popular as luxurious material. The tiles have soft colors and subtle markings that make them suitable for any designs. They are also versatile, easy to combine into various flooring designs to match your interior. The quality of the masonry, dedicated craftsmanship level and beautiful appearance reflect the stone origin’s reputation, which is one of the most famous natural stone sources in Indonesia. Try these Bali marble stone tiles to create unique interior designs in any construction or renovation projects.

Bali cream marble tiles offer a great visual aspect of interior design. The cream color is soft, perfect as the neutral foil of brighter colors. However, since it is not entirely white, cream marble is perfect to avoid the ubiquitous white interior trend. You can also choose different markings and surface treatment styles for the marble tiles. You can also order unique tile sizes, depending on the requirements of your projects and how big of tiles you are going to use. You can also combine tiles with different sizes to create a mosaic look or adjust with the awkward corners and room shapes.

Cream Marble Tiles in Bali – Beautiful Cream Marble for Interior and Exterior

Cream Marble from Indonesia

One popular method is to combine Bali cream marble tiles with a darker tile color.  For example, you can install cream tiles for the entire floor, and pair them with dark grey tiles for the walls. You can also install smaller tiles in different colors between larger cream ones, creating unique patterns that match your personality. If you want to install a shower, create a “divided look” by installing cream marble tiles as the shower’s floor and walls. Install different colors of tiles outside the shower box, and use transparent glass panels to showcase the cream tile surface. The cream color is easy to mix and match, so you get a lot of options.

Where can you find a high-quality Bali cream marble supplier that ships to your country? Stone Depot is the answer. This Indonesia-based stone supplier customizes and ships stone tiles, slabs, and claddings to destinations in 50 countries. All the stones are mined from various stone quarries in Indonesian, including Java and Bali. These stones are famous for their beauty and durability. Bali cream marble tiles are cut, measured, and customized by local workers, adjusted to your specifications. You can order tiles with any sizes and coats to match your project. Visit Stone Depot now to make an inquiry about high-quality cream marble.

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Bali Cream Marble Tiles – Good Ideas For Beautiful Interior with Bali Cream Marble Tiles

Stone Depot Family Gathering 2019 In Yogyakarta

On March 15th-17th, 2019, the Stone Depot family held an amazing annual gathering which was a form of appreciation to all of our employees during a year of work. On this year, Stone Depot had the opportunity to visit one of the popular cities with its history & culture, the Special Region of Yogyakarta.

During 3 days 2 nights, we enjoy every moment in gathering schedule which was arranged by our team. Culinary, is the opening fantastic moment when we arrived there. The Palace of Yogyakarta is our lunch location. This beautiful palace was built by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I as his homestay on the past year. The Ancient Java design combines with perfect nuances of religion, make this palace more looks classy and elegant.

Taman Sari Water Castle – Legendary Place with 3 Religions Concept

Stone Depot Family Gathering 2019

The next our legendary place destination is Taman Sari Water Castle. This beauty Water Castle was built by Sultan Hamengkubuwono I in the 1700s, around 2 years after built the Palace of Yogyakarta. The purpose of establishing this luxury castle is for use as his resting place and having fun with the woman of his choice. Besides being used as a fortress of self-defense from enemies on the past.

The building design of Taman Sari is a combination of 3 religions concept, Islam, Buddha & Hindu, and a blend of two cultures, Javanese and European cultures as well. All the stunning designs are clearly visible from the ancient and classic ornaments of the buildings.

In this place, we have a chance to explore more about Taman Sari Water Castle which was guided by a professional guider, he said his descendants of the last generation of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I.

In the night, we having fun with Stone Depot Awards which a particular event of our annual gathering. Stone Depot Awards gives an appreciation for the best employees of the year as a certificate and cash reward until 5 million rupiahs.

After Stone Depot Awards

For every, our people who brought their little family can join in door prize event as well as a shopping voucher until 5 million rupiahs.

On the following day, we have a great refreshing trip to our gathering on Elo River Magelang. Some of us got the opportunity to play the game called “ Rafting” with a happy feeling inside out. Exciting radiation comes out from our boats and from other boats as well.

Stone Depot at Rafting Elo River Magelang
Our last day gathering closed by exploring many kinds of Yogyakarta foods until other goods both from the traditional market and shopping center. Malioboro area is an area that must be visited for every traveler who has a chance to travel to this exotic city.

Through the Family Gathering that we hold every year, we hope Stone Depot can have a strong,  one vision and open-minded team. With the presence of these team members, we believe Stone Depot can continue to grow in increasing service satisfaction for our customers.

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Stone Depot Family Gathering 2019: Ngayogyakarta