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Bali Green Stone in Mexico – Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles for Luxury Pool at Grand Velas Los Cabos in Mexico


Order your Bali Green Stone in Mexico with Stone Depot and discover all the benefits and characteristics that make it worth investing for your pool.

Bali Sukabumi Stone in Mexico – Photo courtesy of IG : @atraveldesign

A humble city of Sukabumi in Indonesia is well-known for producing a plethora of luxurious natural stones, one of them being Pedra hijau verde or also known as Bali Green Sukabumi Stone. Indeed, the Bali green stone has reached global market and has been exported to other countries such as United States of America, India, Cambodia, Brazil, Mexico, Cyprus, Uni Emirate Arab, Phillipines and many more. Bali Green Stone especially has been used in Mexico used for a luxurious swimming pool at Grand Velas Los Cabos resort. Bali Green Stone in Mexico creates shimmering look for the swimming pool inside the resort. PT D&W Internasional or also known Stone Deport is an Indonesia natural stone supplier operated since 2005. Stone Depot has become a highly sought-after foundation among other luxurious hotels around the world such as Phuket Villa in Thailand, Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai, Australian Private Home for swimming pool project and also the Bali green stone project for swimming pool in Mexico. Meanwhile, even the Grand Velas Los Cabos in Mexico is not our officially project, we also proud that our best selling product already used also in there. For you who want to know more about the unique characteristics of Bali Green stone,  let’s find out here.

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Why Many Luxury Villas in Mexico Use Bali Green Stone Tiles

For those who aren’t really familiar with the stone, Bali stone tiles are commonly used for infinity pools in many luxurious hotels in Bali. Bali stone tiles has many types such as Basalt, Sandstone, Marble, Limestone and one of the most famous is Green sukabumi stone. Bali Green stone is the special stone due to while the region itself is not the first one to use the stone, the byproducts set a standard for all the other luxurious swimming pools to follow. Because of that, Bali Green Stone has been used in Mexico which rises in popularity on a global scale to the point where you might see it in almost every luxurious hotel around. Of course, the trend is highly understandable, considering the natural stone has numerous benefits and unique characteristics that attract developers to invest in it.

1. Elegant Natural Green Color

Colour Variance : Green Sukabumi Stone

For a start,Bali green sukabumi stone tiles have a very elegant natural green color that gets brighter when getting wet. Our Bali Green sukabumi stone divided into 2 types of green colors : plain green color and crystal green color. For the representative of our variance Green sukabumi stone you can see as below picture.

2. Good Durability and Low Water Absorption Rate

Stone Depot Project in Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai since 2016 – Photo courtesy of @bulgarihotelsdubai

To support the sophisticated appereance, the green natural sukabumi stone has a very durable structure due to its density and low water absorption rate. For your information, we has been exported this Bali Green stone to over than 80 countries worldwide. Our product also has been used in years for a luxurious swimming pool and still durable until right now. For example, Bulgari resort & Hotel in Dubai (2016), Noble Gable Project in Thailand (2012), Samoa Island Project in 2016 and many more. Due to the low water absorption rate, Green sukabumi stone is a perfect natural stone use for any swimming pool project. For the details product description of Green Sukabumi stone you can check as below picture.

3. Anti-Slip wimming Pool Tiles

Bali Green Stone in Australian Private Home Project by Stone Depot

The latter plays a major role in safety, as the surface is anti-slip to further increase safety in the pool, despite its naturally smooth texture. If you want to safe your kids while their swim, Green sukabumi stone is a perfect option to brings your pool more safer, healthier and cleaner.

4. Thermally Stable

Bali Green Stone for Interior Pool Tiles – Photo taken at Stone Depot Project in Netherlands

And last but not least, said surface is also thermally stable, which makes it very easy to chill even after getting exposed to the afternoon heat. With this fact, Bali green sukabumi stone is a perfect option for your interior or exterior swimming pool tiles.

Combining all those traits, Bali Green Stone in Mexico becomes an ideal choice for a high-end swimming pool, as explained above.

Buy Bali Green Stone Tiles – Order Your Exclusive Bali Green Stone in Mexico with Stone Depot

Bali Sukabumi Pool Tiles – Photo courtesy of IG : @anniehdezosorio

After discovering the benefits and characteristics of the Bali green sukabumi stone tiles, you should really consider investing in the natural stone. And if you’re ready to apply it to your luxurious swimming pool project, start reserving the natural stone at Stone Depot. We has been known internationally for exporting high-quality natural stones since 2006, and always ready to deliver the stone for you. We often made a stock around 3,000 – 5,000 sqm per month due to we can deliver two containers in minimum shipment per month. Packaging for the Bali Green Stone in Mexico will be handled with care, using an iron belt, styrofoam, and ISPM box for a small stack of stones to preserve its quality when exported. Consumers can also do an on-site check to verify the quality of the stone for more guaranteed satisfaction.

For further details regarding  Bali Green Stone  product, you can contact our marketing team through Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811-201-480 (Winsen) or email us on : [email protected]

Bali Green Stone in Mexico – Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles for Luxury Pool at Grand Velas Los Cabos in Mexico

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