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7 Stone Wall Cladding Design Ideas For Your Beautiful House

The appearance of your home’s outside is possibly more essential than the inside. If you place your house on the market, its curb appeal and value will go a long way toward determining how soon it sells.

This is why many homeowners want to maintain their home’s outside looking trendy, up-to-date, and cohesive with the rest of their house’s design. While there are several products on the market to assist you in your endeavor, not all of them will provide you with the same level of beauty, texture, and long-term use as natural stone.

Installing stone cladding and siding panels on your house’s exterior and landscaping can enhance the beauty and value of your property.

What is the stone cladding?

palimanan-golden-sandstone-wall-cladding-outdoor-australian-home (3)
Sandstone with a rough texture suitable used for outdoor stone wall cladding

Stone cladding is used in contemporary buildings as a decorative veneer, a thin façade of natural or synthetic material that sits on top of the foundation’s core concrete layer. Stone-clad walls are much more lightweight than conventional ones. Wall cladding made of natural stones or stone-like materials, such as veneer, is quite popular in the design industry.

Stonewall covered with a 3D look for the outside

Instead of using simple cladding, install 3D stone tiles to produce a striking aesthetic impact. Make sure to include a lighting system that creates shadows on the outdoor stone tile wall to maximize its effects. Granite is an inexpensive stone that works well for this purpose. It has a long lifespan and can endure the impact of the elements.

Brick Wall

When it comes to internal stone wall cladding design, brick walls are among the most popular options for homeowners. Stone cladding on the wall behind the TV unit in a smaller apartment is an excellent way to create visual interest. The stone’s addition of color and texture means the wall design doesn’t need much more to finish it off.

Archways and Doors

First impressions are crucial since they may make or break a relationship. Entrance points that are set back from the main house, such as a doorway or archway, must create an impact on visitors even before they enter your property.

Building an Urbane Wall Cladding with Stone

Stone Cladding at Mister Loo Toilet

Terrazzo has a wide range of possibilities when it comes to the final appearance. A stone-clad wall elevates the style of a contemporary house, particularly bachelor quarters. The installation of cladding to a blank kitchen wall, as seen here, transforms it completely.

Kitchen stone cladding

Another area where stone veneer excels is in the kitchen. Keeping a place clean and maintained is easier when it doesn’t acquire as much dirt and oil over time.

Accents in Stone

Brick and natural stone are among the most long-lasting external cladding materials. However, even though brick is a popular building material because of its aesthetic appeal and long-term durability, covering your complete house with it might hide some of your home’s original architectural and design features.

Bathroom stone cladding

When stone cladding is used in the bathroom, the whole space takes on an entirely new feel. For a place where too much water might harm the inside walls, it’s not only beautiful but also convenient and healthful.

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Creates The Balinese House Style with Indonesia Natural Stone Wall Cladding

Putri2 Barcode Scan WAIndonesia Natural Stone Wall Cladding is a premium natural stone to improve the quality of buildings. If you need to find an Indonesia Natural Stone Wall Cladding supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://pesan.link/putri_sandstonetiles (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Indonesia is known as the largest archipelago country in the world. With such a vast landscape, it is not surprising that Indonesia has a very diverse culture and traditions. In addition, Indonesia is also known to have abundant natural resources. One of the most sought after natural resources by property developers from around the world is natural stone. Indonesia’s natural stone is very diverse and has a uniqueness that is different from the others. Of course, this is one of the factors that make natural stone from Indonesia widely used in world-class resorts and hotels. Plus, the natural stone is multifunctional as you can use it for different purposes.

Indonesia Natural Stone for Wall Cladding      

The uses of Indonesia natural stone for wall cladding at Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore   

Many property developers choose a natural stone because it provides many advantages. In the long run, the use of natural stone can be considered an investment. Properties that use natural stone are considered to have a higher future value when it is on sale. This assumption is based on the depletion of natural resources and the very high demand for natural stone so that the stone is considered to have an ever-increasing value. If you want to make the selling value of property increase in the future, Indonesia’s natural stone is the right material that will add future value. You will not regret the decision you have made when you use this kind of stone.

The tropical-style resort at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali with Bali Black Lava Stone Cladding

In addition, Indonesia’s natural stone is also the best choice if you want to create a property with a Balinese touch. Many tourists who come and go to this island are amazed by its distinctive buildings. As a result, they decided to build a house in the Balinese style. To complement the perfection of this design, the use of wall cladding is the right choice. Wall cladding is an inseparable aspect of Balinese style home design. Like Yin and Yang, the Balinese house needs wall cladding in order to create beauty perfection. There’s no other way to do it. You need to use local natural stone to match Balinese’s unique touch.

You are lucky because there are so many choices of Indonesian natural stone that will make the Balinese style house look just right. There are at least 3 options to choose from to ensure perfect wall cladding. You can choose the distinctive Balinese limestone cladding in white. This type is suitable for indoor areas that require bright colors and support lighting. The next option is Lava stone wall cladding with a distinctive dark black color. If you want to have an elegant outdoor area, this natural stone is the best choice. Last but not least, the Bali Basalt wall cladding is another option available. The grey basalt is one of the strongest and the most durable rock.

Based on those three available options, you have the freedom to make your imagination happen. The Indonesia natural stone will ensure that the wall looks striking and elegant. Please don’t let your wall empty undecorated – the wall cladding stone is the right material to create unique patterns and color on your walls.

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The Balinese House Style with Indonesia Natural Stone Wall Cladding