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Oktalina Putri

Terrazzo Concrete Terramix

Terramix is our official terrazzo brand used for flooring, wall tile, and other DIY projects such as basins, bathtubs, and kitchen countertops. Our Terramix products divided into two types such as terrazzo powder and menir (crush) terrazzo. Both of the types packaged with composition: 45 kgs/bag.

Our Terramix products have several favorable base colors such as grey classic, white classic, and creamy classic. Other trendy and eye-catchy colors also provided by Terramix recently such as the green army, orange classic, black orange, blue classic, white Cesar, gold classic, and cordon bleu.

Terramix is an instant concrete terrazzo packaged with simple bag packaging. The installation methods of Terrazzo Terramix very easy. It just combines the products of Terramix (Powder & Menir terrazzo) with a White Cement, as the glue adhesive. Our expert often recommends the formula composition while installing terrazzo terramix with powder terrazzo: menir terrazzo: white cement = 2: 2: 1,5.

Herewith our video tutorial of how to install our instant concrete terrazzo terramix from the expert.