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The High Quality of Bali Black Lava Stone for Swimming Pool

Bali Black Lava Stone is very popular around the world. That’s why we often find many luxurious swimming pools at hotels, resorts, etc. using this kind of natural stone for the tiles. For your information, Bali Black Lava Stone is an exotic natural stone that brings elegance. It can enhance the building quality very well. When it comes to strength, this premium Bali natural stone offers a much better strength level. Did you know that the main material for this natural stone is lava? The factory processes it for different purposes including swimming pool decoration.
Black Lava Stone in Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai
Black Lava Stone in Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai

The benefit of Using High-Quality Bali Black Lava Stone

You should use the most reliable materials for your swimming pool. Considering the high quality of Bali Black Lava Stone for the swimming pool, it is a good decision to select this natural stone. Of course, you choose it because of some reason. That’s why this article will discuss its benefits. For your information, this volcanic rock is formed when magma seeps through the cracks of the earth. Then, it reaches the surface of the earth. After that, the magma changes temperature & cools down quickly. Next, it solidifies and forms igneous rock, called Bali Black Lava Stone. Bali Black Lava Stone has other types such as Andesite and Basalt. In relation to the high quality of Bali Black Lava Stone for swimming pools, you need to know many things about its benefits. With this volcanic stone, you will be able to build luxurious and long-lasting properties. This natural stone is also the material used for building the Borobudur Temple. Now, we can see the true strength of Bali Black Lava Stone. So, what are the benefits of this natural stone? At least, there are 5 benefits you will need to know about sit.

Characteristic Bali Black Lava Stone

Characteristic of Black Lava Stone
Characteristic of Black Lava Stone
Talking about the Black Lava Stone for swimming pools, we can clearly say that it is very tough and durable. It has a fast-cooling ability, a tightly-packed mineral selection, a scary natural firing process, and a flexible application for both indoors & outdoors. Besides that, it is able to resist heat. If you use it as pool tiles, Bali Black Lava Stone traps heat during the day. So, it keeps the water cool. Even more, it also releases the heat at night. Then, its slip resistance also belongs to the best benefits it offers. So, it is safe for anyone to walk on even with wet soles or feet. That’s why it becomes a perfect choice for tiles. In fact, it has tiny pores that absorb water quickly. Moreover, this volcanic stone also creates a modern look. In addition, Bali Black Lava Stone is nature-friendly, making it great for a green-conscious project designer. One more thing, it can be formed into different types. You can choose your desired color such as black, grey, green, or red. So, that’s all about Bali lava stone, you can purchase and use it for your swimming pool tiles. Then, where can you buy Bali Black Lava Stone for Swimming Pool? Even though Bali stone comes from Indonesia, you can find it in different countries around the world now. So, you can purchase it at a wholesale near you. Or you can purchase it from stonebali.com, you can contact us through our hotline on Whatsapp https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or call us (+622318491546). Aside from that, you can also email us at [email protected].

Bali Black Lavastone Singapore – The Wonders of Elegance Indonesia Black Lavastone in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

Bali Black Lavastone SingaporeWhat makes so many people love with Singapore’s new attraction

Bali Black Lavastone Singapore (Courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore)

If you noticed your Instagram feeds recently, you will realize that so many people are having their pictures taken at the breathtaking new attraction in Singapore, The Jewel at Changi Airport. They mostly visit attraction in this place is the unique waterfall located at Jewel’s heart. It’s named The HSBC Rain Vortex, which was awarded as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall at 40 meters high flowing down into the basement.

In the surroundings of the rain vortex, you will see this five-story man-built forest. It has thousands of plants and materials imported to Singapore as it is in line with the “where the world meets in Singapore” concept. There are other things that will immerse yourself in this garden wonderland within Jewel, it’s the magnificent claddings.

You can be found the unique stone tiles imported from Bali which popular with elegant and durable. It’s a lava stone. Using Bali black lavastone at Jewel’s claddings creates a perfect harmony between natural and modern building design. Another turning point why using this stone will attract people over the world is the local wisdom value of lava stone.

Bali Black Lavastone Values – Local wisdom value of Bali Black Lavastone attracts people over the world

Bali Black Lavastone Wall Cladding in Singapore Airport (Courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore)

Using Bali Black Lavastone in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore becomes a great architecture experience there because it is made from volcanic lava rock which can only be found in Bali, at the Karangasem region. The black lava stones have high spiritual value to the local people. They are commonly used not only to make decorations but also to build Pura statues and buildings. In fact, local people call the black lava stone “black gold” as the stone brings prosperity to the region. It was all begun with a catastrophic Mount Agung eruption decades ago. The volcano eruption had swallowed many lives and destroyed almost everything on its way with its volcanic lava, ashes, and dust.

The disastrous misfortune then brings a turning point of the event for Bali’s eastern end region, Karangasem. The area used to be famous for its barren grounds and now has been blessed with natural material resources like sandstone, pebbles, and lava stone. Karangasem is also famous for the stone craftsmanship. The craftsmanship in the region was known for centuries since one of the biggest and most important Pura in Bali, Pura Besakih is located in the area and built with local lava stone derived from Mount Agung. It is truly amazing to find Bali Black Lava Stone in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore. To think that it is used as claddings in such prestigious modern buildings, the quality of the stone is surely beyond world-class.

Bali Black Lavastone Benefits – Great durability of Black lava stone beats another million reasons Why it should be used in Singapore’s Changi Airport

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles in Singapore Airport (Courtesy of Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore)

Bali Black Lavastone Singapore – The Wonders of Elegance Indonesia Black Lavastone in Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

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