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Plunge Pool with Sukabumi Stone at Sofitel Bali

Green Sukabumi Stone is the premium building material, produced by Stone Depot. If you need to find a Bali Natural Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Sofitel Bali Resort, located in Bali’s beaches, romance, and family fun region, is a popular destination for you to unwind from your hectic days. This 5-star hotel draws a large number of visitors each year due to its proximity to the city center and the airport. Visitors to the hotel will appreciate its proximity to the city’s key attractions, such as Nusa Dua Beach. And when they’re in a dire need of a good relaxation under the sun, they can lounge around its luxurious private plunge pool nicely tiled with Sukabumi stone.

Sofitel Bali Resort is dedicated to making your stay as pleasant as possible by providing outstanding services and a wide selection of amenities. The hotel offers a variety of first-rate amenities such as 24-hour room service, free Wi-Fi in all rooms, daily housekeeping, a gift/souvenir store, and 24-hour security.

The hotel accommodations have been meticulously designed to provide the utmost comfort and convenience. Throughout the day, you may relax at the private beach, fitness center, sauna, golf course, and outdoor pool. Make Sofitel Bali Resort your home away from home when seeking pleasant and convenient lodgings in Bali.

What is a plunge pool?

A plunge pool with Sukabumi stone for kids and family time

In warmer regions or near saunas, a plunge pool is a small-diameter swimming pool used for wading. Because of their reduced surface area and simplicity of covering, they decrease evaporative water loss and the requirement for potable water replenishment. Their popularity has grown in response to growing concerns about household water conservation, more sustainable landscaping design, and reduced resource usage.

When planning an all-inclusive vacation, look for a hotel or suite with its own private pool, since this allows you to walk out of your room and into a beautiful pool scene without having to journey across the resort. This also has privacy advantages.

Sofitel Bali Resort exclusive feature: private plunge pool

A private plunge pool with Sukabumi stone for relaxing

This private plunge pool at the Sofitel Bali Resort is a lovely, peaceful refuge ideal for both couples and families. It is located just in front of your accommodation and offers a range of recreational activities for your enjoyment. The overwater lagoon suites provide swim-up access from the beach and an open-air atmosphere due to the numerous floor-to-ceiling windows.

What makes this private plunge pool alluring isn’t only the view, but also the Sukabumi stone lining all along with the pool, making it glimmers and shines under the sun. Once the night arrives and the pool light is turned on, your pool will look even more astonishing. Enjoy your night while sipping a glass of wine with your loved ones beside Sofitel Bali Resort private plunge pool.

Where to purchase Sukabumi stone

At Stone Depot, we take pleasure in providing the best quality Sukabumi stone. Stone Depot is a stone company located in Bali that has supplied stone items to consumers in more than 50 countries. To create a natural pool refuge on your lawn, get a high-quality Sukabumi stone from Bali.

If you any further assistance, you need regarding the Sukabumi Stone, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Plunge Pool with Sukabumi Stone at Sofitel Bali

The Swimming Pool with Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Creates an Oasis Calm Sensation in the Amankila Resort Bali

The Oasis Calm Sensation in the Amankila Resort Bali’s infinity pools (Photo Courtesy of Instagram Amankila Resort Bali)

Bali offers various types of experiences for tourists who want to find a different sensation. In a place called heaven, you can enjoy a variety of unforgettable activities. Especially when talking about the natural beauty of the island of Bali, then you should have plenty of time to explore every corner of the island. But if you don’t have enough time, staying at Amankila Resort Bali is enough to enjoy a piece of the beauty of the island of Bali. Moreover, Amankila Resort Bali offers a different sensation for visitors. One of them is an infinity pool cascading through the Lombok Strait.

The Jaw-dropping Three-tier Infinity Pools at Amankila Resort Bali

amankila-tropical-top-view (2)
The Jaw-dropping Three-tier Infinity Pools at Amankila Resort Bali (Photo Courtesy of Instagram Amankila Resort Bali)

The three-tier infinity pool is the perfect place to chill and forget about everything you have been through lately. This is one of the reasons why tourists come and stay at the Amankila Resort Bali. If it is not enough, you can choose one of the 34 free-standing Suites that feature the private outdoor terraces with a private pool. The Amankila Resort Bali knows how to arrange the pools for the best experience. They choose the right tiles and materials that will blend with the vicinity. We all know that this resort wants to blend with nature. Building the tropical pools is the perfect way to make it happen. Tropical pools will match with the untouched nature and the beach right in front of them. It is safe to say that the Amankila Resort is the Beach Houses with perfect views.

Let’s focus on the Amanikla Resort Bali’s pools, which become the focal point of the resort. They use the Green Sukabumi stone as the pool tiles to give a green look from the inside. That is a wonderful job as the Green Sukabumi stone provides shimmering water with green reflection, making it blend with nature.  From the top, you will see a perfect gradation between the three-tier pools with the beach right underneath the cliff. It is like seeing the gradation of green and blue tone that creates an oasis with a calm sensation. In fact, the color from the Green Sukabumi stone tiles creates peace of mind for the guests. For those who don’t know, color can bring a message. And the green tone from the pools brings the message that this place is something that gives you tranquility.

amankila-tropical-top-view (3)
The Safety Pools with Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles at Amankila Resort Bali (Photo Courtesy of Instagram Amankila Resort Bali)

Other than that, the Green Sukabumi stone tiles provide safety for the guests during the water activity. The stone tiles have great texture on the surface that provide amazing grip. This is crucial as the high-rate of pools’ accidents is terrifying. Plus, the Green Sukabumi stone tiles are perfect for the outdoor pools in the tropical place that have full-year summer. Getting the sun every day can trigger the temperature rise and making the water hot. But using the Green Sukabumi stone will keep the temperature stable as they will not absorb the heat. Using the Green Sukabumi stone is a way to say that the Amankila Resort Bali wants to ensure you have a wonderful experience during the staycation.

The Swimming Pool with Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Creates an Oasis Calm Sensation in the Amankila Resort Bali

Bali Stone – The Greatness of Bali Stone for The Modern Architectures

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Our Bali Stone is a premium natural stone for Modern Architectures. Many hotels and resorts over the world have used this natural stone tile to improve the design. If you need to find a Bali Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Bali is known as a piece of paradise that happens to be in Indonesia. This small island in South-east place has abundant natural resources. Not just a matter of tourist attractions and natural beauty, Bali also has natural stones that are known to foreign countries. Bali stone is a type of lava stone that has been used by ancestors to build temples and statues. The natural stone from Bali such as Black Lava Stone, is the main raw material for the biggest temple in the world, Borobudur Temple. The greatness of this rock has proven its toughness and strength. Even the durability of this stone is recognized by many local and foreign people. Thus, Bali stone is now used worldwide for any hotels, resorts, and also private residential.

The 4 Greatness of Bali Stones          

There are different types of Bali stone that mostly used worldwide, whether it is for the swimming pools, wall cladding, or even the other purposes. Today’s article is about 4 types of famous Bali stone that we recommend to our beloved readers.

Green Sukabumi Stone

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone for Exotic Swimming Pool (Photo courtesy of Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai)

This is the most popular Bali stone among others that used for any swimming pool projects. This stone originated from Sukabumi, a region in West Java. The green natural tone is what differs it from other stones. Our green sukabumi stone is exotic, durable, and also suitable for the swimming pools. It will make any swimming pool projects look grandeur. You can find it in the popular pools’ hotel in Dubai, Bangkok, Australia, and even Trinidad & Tobago.

Bali Black Lava Stone

bali-stone (3)
Bali Black Lavastone for Buddha Statue

Another option of Bali stone is the Black Lava stone, which also known as the original Bali stone. It has a black solid color that becomes the trademark of this stone. Black Lava stone has great durability and strength as it made of frozen lava. This is also the same stone used for the Bali sculpture, statues, and temples. The Bali Black Lava Stone has an elegant look with a solid black tone. This one is suitable for wall cladding on the façade, pool’s projects, or any other home decoration.

Bali Golden Yellow Sandstone

Bali Golden Yellow Sandstone for Tropical Wall Cladding at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

The Bali Golden Yellow Sandstone is commonly known as the natural stone that widely used for wall cladding. This natural stone sold in rough finishing that gives unique texture on the surface. This is a great material for the wall cladding as it has great characteristics. The yellowish tone will add a warm look, giving a peaceful and homey display on every side of your house. Using the Yellow Sandstone for the wall cladding will give a different appearance to your house.

Bali Paras Kerobokan

Bali Paras Kerobokan Stone for Elegance Wall Cladding at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

The fourth greatness of the Bali stone is the Paras Kerobokan tiles, which you can see in almost every place of Bali. The local resident uses Paras Kerobokan for almost every inch of their house, from the wall, tiles, and also the floor. This stone has special meaning in the heart of Balinese. It represents trust, tranquility, and also the culture itself. From the architects’ perspective, this is a versatile natural stone that gives you plenty of space to match your creativity when it comes to playing with Bali stone.

If any further assistance, you need regarding our Bali Stone, please click this Whatsapp link to contact with us directly: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Bali Stone – The Greatness of Bali Stone for The Modern Architectures