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The Swimming Pool with Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Creates an Oasis Calm Sensation in the Amankila Resort Bali

The Oasis Calm Sensation in the Amankila Resort Bali’s infinity pools (Photo Courtesy of Instagram Amankila Resort Bali)

Bali offers various types of experiences for tourists who want to find a different sensation. In a place called heaven, you can enjoy a variety of unforgettable activities. Especially when talking about the natural beauty of the island of Bali, then you should have plenty of time to explore every corner of the island. But if you don’t have enough time, staying at Amankila Resort Bali is enough to enjoy a piece of the beauty of the island of Bali. Moreover, Amankila Resort Bali offers a different sensation for visitors. One of them is an infinity pool cascading through the Lombok Strait.

The Jaw-dropping Three-tier Infinity Pools at Amankila Resort Bali

amankila-tropical-top-view (2)
The Jaw-dropping Three-tier Infinity Pools at Amankila Resort Bali (Photo Courtesy of Instagram Amankila Resort Bali)

The three-tier infinity pool is the perfect place to chill and forget about everything you have been through lately. This is one of the reasons why tourists come and stay at the Amankila Resort Bali. If it is not enough, you can choose one of the 34 free-standing Suites that feature the private outdoor terraces with a private pool. The Amankila Resort Bali knows how to arrange the pools for the best experience. They choose the right tiles and materials that will blend with the vicinity. We all know that this resort wants to blend with nature. Building the tropical pools is the perfect way to make it happen. Tropical pools will match with the untouched nature and the beach right in front of them. It is safe to say that the Amankila Resort is the Beach Houses with perfect views.

Let’s focus on the Amanikla Resort Bali’s pools, which become the focal point of the resort. They use the Green Sukabumi stone as the pool tiles to give a green look from the inside. That is a wonderful job as the Green Sukabumi stone provides shimmering water with green reflection, making it blend with nature.  From the top, you will see a perfect gradation between the three-tier pools with the beach right underneath the cliff. It is like seeing the gradation of green and blue tone that creates an oasis with a calm sensation. In fact, the color from the Green Sukabumi stone tiles creates peace of mind for the guests. For those who don’t know, color can bring a message. And the green tone from the pools brings the message that this place is something that gives you tranquility.

amankila-tropical-top-view (3)
The Safety Pools with Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles at Amankila Resort Bali (Photo Courtesy of Instagram Amankila Resort Bali)

Other than that, the Green Sukabumi stone tiles provide safety for the guests during the water activity. The stone tiles have great texture on the surface that provide amazing grip. This is crucial as the high-rate of pools’ accidents is terrifying. Plus, the Green Sukabumi stone tiles are perfect for the outdoor pools in the tropical place that have full-year summer. Getting the sun every day can trigger the temperature rise and making the water hot. But using the Green Sukabumi stone will keep the temperature stable as they will not absorb the heat. Using the Green Sukabumi stone is a way to say that the Amankila Resort Bali wants to ensure you have a wonderful experience during the staycation.

The Swimming Pool with Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Creates an Oasis Calm Sensation in the Amankila Resort Bali

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Premium Quality of Green Sukabumi Stone for Bulgari Resort Dubai

Bali Green Stone tiles as an absolute solution for a robust and durable option, you need to get acquaintance with it!

Photo courtesy: Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai

Debuting recently into the list of top Dubai resorts, Bulgari Resort Dubai offers a unique experience for an urban oasis on the distinctive Jumeirah Bay, a seahorse-shaped man-made island. The property charmed the guests and residents with its Mediterranean vibe as the first-of-its-kind establishment from the brand of Bulgari Hotels & Resorts. With a vast collection of hotel rooms, suites, apartments, private mansions, and villas in one complex, the pools and floorings are ensured to be comprised of high-quality tiles. Hence, the hotel takes one prominent solution to achieve the durability and elegance needed by incorporating Bali green stone tiles.

Bali Green Stone Tiles Value – Your Bali Green Pool Tiles Choice

With massive options of tiles for flooring out there, homeowners and business sectors always go back to the safe and famous attempt of using natural stones. The fact that they are practical, hygienic, and reliable makes them suit the taste of the modern lifestyle. Moreover, its inherent value boosts an elegant and sophisticated appearance without ever going outdated. If you’re seeking hardwearing tiles for easy maintenance, natural stone tiles can be added to the list of your consideration. And if you’re searching for a particular name for this, take Bali green stone tiles to your wishlist. Even a high-class property like Bulgari Resort Dubai has already embodied them!

bali green stone tiles dubai
Bali Green Stone Tiles in Dubai (Photo courtesy: Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai)

As you can predict by their name, the tiles come from the mining process in an ancient lake of Sukabumi, West Java Province, Indonesia. These green stone tiles are mostly found in swimming pools, and you can safely use them in both freshwater and saltwater pool. Once you change your pool tiles into these, you can witness its breathtaking aesthetics under lights when the green color shines through the clear water. Under particular circumstances, it can even look sky blue mildly. The colors of Sukabumi stone can be picturesque during the day or evening when the side lamps are on. Get ready to have a durable and robust pool or floors with Bali green stone tiles now!

Bali Green Stone Supplier – Buy Exclusive Bali Green Stone from Stone Depot Indonesia

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone All Varian

If you’re ready to beautify your pools or floorings just like Bulgari Resort Dubai, now it’s time to survey where to make your purchase. Excellent and firm products like Bali green stone tiles come from a trusted supplier to ensure its quality. Among many suppliers out there, you can put your trust to the Stone Depot Indonesia. We are a Bali natural stone supplier that has long been in the industry of producing and distributing  Bali natural stone, marbles, and granites in the world. We have a strong portfolio of attending the needs of various hotels, resorts, apartments, and other types of buildings in more than 80 countries. Customization is much welcome, and our passionate team is top-notch among long-time customers worldwide.

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Bali Green Stone Tiles – Premium Quality of Green Sukabumi Stone for Bulgari Resort Dubai