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Bali Green Sukabumi in Netherlands – Exotic Indonesia Green Pool Tiles

Bali Sukabumi Stone Netherlands – Bali Green Stone for Indoor Swimming Pool

Bali Green Sukabumi for Indoor Swimming Pool Project in Netherland by Stone Depot

What to do to make your house more lavish? You can start it with the Green Sukabumi. This stone is well-known for its simple style and can blend well with any house theme. That is why many minimalists house and hotels use this stone, either as the flooring or as the decoration in the wall. The Green Sukabumi also has the You can also find the stone Bali Green Sukabumi in Netherland and other famous countries in Europe. The Green Sukabumi can easily make many people fall in love with for its texture, its durability, as well as its price.

Bali Green Stone – Exotic Green Sukabumi Stone Indonesia for A Luxury Villas

bali green sukabumi stone tiles
Bali Green Sukabumi Stone All Varian

In the thermal condition, the surface of this Bali Green Sukabumi stone will not quickly get the impact and absorb the heat. That is why many people use it as the base of the swimming pool. Such a good thing for the swimmers, because their feet won’t get burnt once touching the bottom of the lake on a sunny day. And in the night time, the pool won’t absorb the cold and make the swimmers feel comfortable to chill out in the night time. That is why the Bali Green Sukabumi in Netherland and other cities is the best choice either for the private house or for the rented inns.

The surface of the Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Netherland is slightly rough and won’t let you slip. This is the main reason why Green Sukabumi is the most excellent material for the pool and the flooring near any pools, toilets, and many water attractions.  It is also not easily scratched, and that is why the stone becomes the most favorited elements in every hotels and inn. The other character that the stone possessed is durable. It won’t easily be damaged even if you put heavy things above it or you put it as the flooring in the inn’s lobby.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Values – No Needs Special Cleaning Treatment

Bali Green Stone
Bali Green Stone – Sawn Cut

The trouble that the inns’ owners usually find on flooring maintenance is how to keep it clean. Every day people pass by on the flooring, and even you have your flooring clean every day, there is a big chance that your inn’s floor will get dull too soon. But with the Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Netherland, no more worries about the flooring that looks dirty. Besides its durability, the texture is considerably rough that the dirt will not stick easily. You can also thank its color because the green Sukabumi stone comes with the grey color that gives you a more natural look. So, why don’t add up these tiles to your inns very soon? You can obtain this product on the Stone Depot.

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Bali Green Sukabumi in Netherlands – Exotic Indonesia Green Pool Tiles

Bali Green Stone – Why Bali Green Stone Pool at W Spa is Paris Hilton’s Favorite

Courtessy : Instagram @parishilton

W Spa in Bali is a relaxing getaway that celebrities like Paris Hilton adore, and it includes the spa’s spectacular Bali green stone for pool tiles. The green stone swimming pool has become an iconic look in many Balinese resorts and spas, and for the right reasons. The stone is exotic, durable, and has shades that are pleasing to the eyes. The mineral also has specific qualities that come from its texture and natural compound. No wonder that this green stone adorns so many luxury spas and villas in Bali.

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Your Luxury Swimming Pool Tiles

In Indonesia, greenstone comes from Sukabumi, an area in West Java. Sukabumi is currently the sole producer of such exotic mineral in Indonesia, making green stone an exclusive material for a lot of projects. Bali green stone for pool tiles also comes from Sukabumi, and used in various establishments, including in abroad establishments, such as in Phuket, Rio, and Maldives. The cut stone may be rough or rustic or smoothen until it sheens.  The colors, which range between light green and turquoise, blend nicely with the tropical or luxurious setting, such as in the spa, villa, beach resort, and hotel.

Courtessy Instagram @poisonluxe

Bali green stone for pool tiles is used in various building projects. Besides swimming pools, these green stone tiles are often used as wall cladding. They are also great as water-related decorative features, such as fish pond or fountain. This green stone also contains a special compound called zeolite, which can have a purifying effect on the water where the stone is installed. The surface texture is perfect to prevent slip when used in swimming or wading pool, reducing the risk of accidents. However, it is still soft enough, and your skin will not get easily scratched. Greenstone tiles are also heat-resistant, so the pool will not feel too warm during a hot day.

Finally, there are many positive qualities of green minerals. The color green is a great option for relaxation pool, such as at W Spa Bali. It radiates various effects and moods, such as calmness, relaxation, and harmony. Green is also a color with positive energy, associated with natural objects, such as trees, grass, and leaves. You can also place the green pool in the middle of the nature-like landscape, such as shrubs, flower gardens, or palm trees. Lounging in a green stone pool is a great experience, especially if you need to relax.Bali green stone for pole tiles is a great choice to create your own W Spa Bali luxurious pool.

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Bali Green Stone – Why Bali Green Stone Pool at W Spa is Paris Hilton’s Favorite

Bali Green Swimming Pool at Ini Vie Villa Bali – Beauty in Simplicity

Bali Green Swimming Pool Tiles at Ini Vie Villa - IG @inivievilla
Bali Green Swimming Pool Tiles at Ini Vie Villa – IG @inivievilla

Bali Green Swimming Pool at Ini Vie Villa Bali is a perfect example of beauty in simplicity. The swimming pool design is very simple in the common rectangle shape with few steps to go down the water. It is so simple but looks so stunning due to the sparkling blue green watercolor. Truly, the water is actually colorless but thanks to the green swimming pool tiles, it creates the ocean blue green color. The color is so gorgeous that makes you feel fresh and want to jump in right away. It just like the water calls you to get in and oblivious in the comfort.

Bali Green Swimming Pool – Best Swimming Pool Ini Vie Villa Bali

Built in 2015, the villa has several swimming pools in order to provide private pool for each room package. Providing private swimming pool is very important for villa because it will give exclusivity when the guests could enjoy the pool for themselves. Unlike public swimming pool, which commonly noisy, private swimming pool is quiet and relaxing. Nonetheless, private pool requires space. Since the space available is limited, the villa needs a good idea to make the swimming pool comfortable and beautiful in narrow space. Finally, they get the idea to make Bali Green Stone for Swimming Pool at Ini Vie Villa Bali simple and elegant.

Green swimming pool - IG @inivievilla
Green swimming pool – IG @inivievilla

Bali Green Swimming Pool at Ini Vie Villa Bali is made simple to create balance with the surrounding space. The main concept is to create elegant private outdoor swimming pool on each room package. Since the space is limited, simple swimming pool is the best choice, in order to prevent the appearance from becoming overstated. However, too simple will make cheap appearance. That is why the swimming pool uses green natural stone to add luxury to the appearance. Hence, the swimming pool is simple but not cheap. The swimming pool is luxurious but not exaggerated. It is just perfect.

Bali Green Swimming Pool – Stunning Bali Swimming Pool at Ini Vie Villa Bali

The villa is located in busy area just about 1 km from city center. With stunning private swimming pool, the villa becomes a perfect place for relaxation after spending busy hours going around the city. With the ocean look, Bali Green Swimming Pool at Ini Vie Villa Bali has the ability to reduce stress and bring back fresh mind. A simple touch of plants near the swimming pool makes the atmosphere become more natural and fresh. Sitting near the pool is enough to relieve tension. Going down into the water will help the muscle to relax.

Green Swimming Pool at Private Ini Vie Villa Bali - IG @jillayjack
Green Swimming Pool at Private Ini Vie Villa Bali – IG @jillayjack

Ini Vie Villa Bali becomes one of many villas in Bali that use green natural stone for the swimming pool. Beside its ability to bring out the fabulous ocean color to the pool, natural stone also comes with other benefits. With honed finish, the natural stone has evenly and anti-slip surface. It means the stone will create a smooth swimming pool surface that is not slippery. The swimming pool becomes beautiful and safe. Although honed finish is not glossy, the water in the swimming pool will make the stone shiny, especially with help from sunlight. Bali Green Swimming Pool at Ini Vie Villa Bali is a good proof of natural stone benefit.

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Bali Green Swimming Pool at Ini Vie Villa Bali – Beauty in Simplicity