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Buy Terrazzo Jakarta – See How Beautiful Terrazzo Jakarta Application at Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali That You Can Apply

Buy Terrazzo Jakarta : Let’s Apply Terrazzo For Your Flooring Tile such as the Starbuck Restaurant in Dewata, Bali

If you are looking for new concept in your flooring tile, terrazzo floor tiles is acceptable for you. Terrazzo Jakarta would become the hidden gem in your building project on 2020. Find out how the beautiful application of Terrazzo Jakarta in the Biggest Starbuck Restaurant of South-east Asia, Dewata, Bali and how to install the same product in your future project.

Terrazzo Jakarta Product – Color Variance

Terrazzo is the special material for building. Since it’s beginning, terrazzo has became the most-wanted product to apply in middle-class to upper-class building project, from local to global luxury resort. Terrazzo tile have beautiful look on the surface due to the perfect combination between the mills and the groats from natural stone such as quartz, marble, granite, limestone, and basalt. If you see the shimmering crystal look on the terazzo’s surface, it comes from the groats of natural stone.  Stone Depot is the supplier of Terrazzo especially terrazzo for flooring tile and wall cladding. We have several color variance of Terrazzo products that you can apply to your building project such as Grey Classic, Cream Nova, White Classic, Cesar White, Calista Red, Beige Classic and Venus Red. Our terrazzo floor tiles product have a popular keyword such as Terrazzo Jakarta in the market. It cause Jakarta is the place that has so many inquiries of this product. But, don’t worry if you want to buy Terrazzo Jakarta in another places of Indonesia because Stone Depot provide based online service. So, if you want to buy this product, our customer services can help you through Whatsapp /mobile phone or via email. Meanwhile, beside our main office at Cirebon, West Java, Stone Depot also has opened the secondary office located in Jimbaran, Bali. So, if you need further assistance regarding this product, we can arrange an appointment and schedule the meeting in there.

Buy Terrazzo Jakarta in Bali – See How the Beautiful Terrazzo Jakarta Application in One of The Biggest Starbuck of South-east Asia and Steps How to Apply It In Your Building

Terrazzo Jakarta Cream for flooring tile at Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali

Terrazzo Jakarta product has applied for flooring tile application in the biggest Starbuck Restaurant of South-east Asia located in Dewata, Bali. The application of Terrazzo Jakarta for flooring tile in there you can find on the above image. It is beautiful appereance of Terrazzo tile with classic creamy color for flooring tile application. The classic sense of Terrazzo Cream Jakarta combines with the natural-minimalist design around of the tile. Starbuck Restaurant in Dewata, Bali has applied Terrazzo Jakarta in their 1st floor , and 2nd floors due to the place has two main floors. The place also has installed the product in some interior rooms such as receptionist, reserve bar, core bar, nursery room, tasting room, library, and souvenir room. Reason why Starbuck Restaurant in Dewata, Bali use Terrazzo Jakarta for their flooring application is because the classic and beautiful look of Terrazzo that can combines perfectly with modern, minimalist, natural, and any else design concept. Another reason why Starbuck Restaurant in Dewata, Bali have an idea to buy Terrazzo Jakarta and install the product to their building is because the product is no need fully maintenance to protect them from dust, acid, oil and ink. It cause Terrazzo Jakarta just needs first protection with coating the Terrazzo’surfaces with a chemical while installing the product. So, if our customer needs help us to handling their terrazzo project, we often gives suggestion to coating the Terrazzo surface’s first. Eventough this biggest Starbuck Restaurant located in Dewata, Bali is not buy Terrazzo Jakarta product from us, anyone of you can also install the same product in your future project and Stone Depot can provide you better services with handle the installation manually.

Buy Terrazzo Jakarta Stone Depot – How the Terrazzo Jakarta Product of Stone Depot?

Terrazzo Jakarta Cream – Product by Stone Depot

Stone Depot provides you with some interesting color variance that you can see also in the first image of this article. Furthermore, we can help you with another interesting colors if you need to customize the color of Terrazzo Jakarta. Our Terrazzo Jakarta can applies both for flooring tile and wall cladding application. If you need this product with similar product such as Starbuck Restaurant in Dewata Bali has had, you can buy Terrazzo Cream Nova with size 60x60x2cm. Stone Depot produces Terrazzo Jakarta with two option sizes such as 30x60x2cm and 60x60x2cm. This options are suitable for flooring tile application with nat requirement. But if you need the large size of Terrazzo Tile application such as 1 meters x 1 meters or without nat requirement, we recommend you to buy Terrazzo Jakarta Cor Instant Terramix. What is it? Terrazzo Cor Instant Terramix is the raw materials to creates Terrazzo Tile, in similar meaning is Terrazzo Cor Instant Terramix is the components to creates Terrazzo for flooring tile manually. Terrazzo Cor Instant Terramix produces two type of Terrazzo products, such as Terrazzo Powder and Terrazzo Menir (Grouts). With this option product, you don’t need worry to install Terrazzo with small or large sizes in your building project.

Buy Terrazzo Jakarta Price – How much Terrazzo Jakarta price per squaremeters ?

terrazzo-jakarta-cream-starbuck-bali (2)
Terrazzo Jakarta Cream in Bali – Photo taken at Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali

If you want to buy Terrazzo Jakarta for flooring tile with size 30x60x2cm and 60x60x2cm produced by Stone Depot, the price per squaremeters is Rp 290,000. This price is also includes polished finishing. But, if you need another Terrazzo surface finishes you can request with brushed finishing with price Rp 275,000/m2 (squaremeters). As the supplier Terrazzo Jakarta, Stone Depot can handle the shipment if you come from another places of Indonesia. Normally, we have shipping cost or delivery cost for this handling shipment. Because our Terrazzo Jakarta product produced in Cirebon, West Java, so the shipping cost or delivery cost to another places of Indonesia such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Depok, Bekasi, and Surabaya, the shipping cost or delivery cost of Terrazzo Jakarta is around Rp 800,000 – 1,000,000.

Here is the conclusion of our Terrazzo Jakarta review product that you can see on below table description.

Product name Terrazzo Jakarta
Material Terrazzo
Components Quartz, marble, granite, limestone, lavastone
Finishing Polished and Brushed
Size available 30x60x2cm and 60x60x2cm
Color available Grey Classic, venus red, calista red, yellow nina, white classic, beige classic, cream nova, and cesar white
Application Flooring tile, wall cladding application
Price Rp 290,000/m2 (squaremeters)

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Buy Terrazzo Jakarta – See How Beautiful Terrazzo Jakarta Application at Starbuck Restaurant Dewata, Bali That You Can Apply