Oktalina Putri

Shipping & Delivery

Stone Depot has an effective transportation and shipping team which ensures that all the deliveries happen on time. Our shipping team always tries to follow the on-schedule completion of deliveries so that we can ensure customer satisfaction.

Port of Loading 

Stone Depot export our product through 2 main port in Indonesia; Semarang Port and Surabaya Port.

How We Ship the Product

Our natural stone normally shipped by sea freight in two ways:

1. By FCL  (Full Container Loaded) using 20 feet dry container.

20 feet container is the common way to ship natural stone for export trade. The loadability (maximum loading capacity) using 20 feet container depends on the weight regulation which is different in every country.

Herewith the approximate loadability in 20 feet container for some different country: 

No Country Region Maximum Weight(Kgs) Loadability in 20 mm Thick(m2)
1 Asian Country 26,000 600
2 USA & Canada 18,000 350
3 South American 25,000 500
4 Australia & New Zealand 25,000 500

 2. By LCL (Less than Container Loaded)  

LCL shipment is arranged by a freight forwarder who will combine our stuff with other people stuff in one container.

Please see the illustration of the picture. On LCL shipment Mr. Smith’s stuff would be together with Mr. Bob, Mr. John, and Ms. Ann stuff in the same container.

LCL shipment is used for an order under the minimum quantity from the 20 feet order. For example 50 m2 order.  Your order still delivers using the 20 feet container but it will combine with other stuff from another exporter such as furniture, food, clothes, etc. This LCL shipment makes the transport cost still cheap compare to air freight.

Our cost per m2 on LCL shipment is different from our cost using the container because our FOB cost per m2 on LCL is higher than using FCL so that our price per m2 is also different. Why this happens, let me explain on a simple example:

On FCL we can carry 500 m2 with cost $2,000 for FOB so that our m2 cost for FOB = $2,000/500 = $4/m2. Meanwhile if you only order 100 m2 ship by LCL with our FOB cost $700 then our FOB cost = $700/100 = $7/m2. The smaller the order the more higher the cost.

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