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How To Do Treatment For Indonesia Natural Stone

Treatment stages in Indonesia natural stone can differ into 4 stages:

  1. Pre-Treatment
  2. Treatment After Laying
  3. Protection
  4. Finishing


Pre-treatment is not an obligatory stage, It is only recommended when the material is very absorbent. Pre-treatment have several advantages such as: protects the surfaces from grout residues, makes the grouting process is easier and simplify the cleaning after laying.

We recommend chemical FILAPRW200 for the pre-grouting protector, this chemical devised to protect the floor between laying and grouting. FILAPRW200 is also very effective against dirt which is produced when laying and makes grouting. By using this chemical, the cleaning process also easier without altering the natural stone materials’ appearance.

Stone material that laid with adhesive should be pre-treated at least one day prior to grouting.  

Although the pre-treatment process is not fully necessary this stage can avoid some problems especially the salt deposits/efflorescence. By using sealing the backside of the natural stone with a breathable water repellent protector such as FILAW68.

Treatment After Laying

Washing after laying has many advantages such as makes the subsequent stages easier of protection and maintenance.  This treatment stages also removes the residues of cement, adhesive, and other building-site dirt.

This treatment stages have different chemical to use depend on the stone material characteristic as follow:

NoMaterialPh ScaleChemical Product
1Marble, BasaltNeutralFilaCleaner
3Sandstone, Limestone,AlkalineFilaPS87
4Glass MosaicAlkalineFilaPS87


Protection stages have several advantages such as prevent absorption of water and oil stains, makes easy on maintenance and prolongs the life of natural stone material.

The protection stages on Indonesia’s natural stone particularly recommended for absorbent material such as polished marble and the exterior natural stone floor and surfaces such as limestone and sandstone.

The protection stages of Indonesia natural stone use the chemical which is according to the stone material to be treated, the location of the material (inside or outside, floors or walls, the type of the protection (water repellent or stain-resistant, and the desired effect (natural, color-enhancing or wet look).

Water Repellent Protectors VS Stain Protectors

 Water Repellent ProtectorsStain Protectors
CharacterBreathable, penetrate right into the stone material poresBreathable, penetrate right into the stone material pores
CharacterRepelling water and allowing air and water vapor to passRepelling water and allowing air and water vapor to pass
UseSuitable for exterior surfacesSuitable for interior surfaces
ProtectionProtect material from the wheaterProtect from the stain
ProtectionPrevent from Mould, Moss, and EfflorescencesGive the stone material desired effect: natural, color enhancing or wet look
ProductHydrorep, FilaPT10FilaStonePlus , FilaMP90, FilaPT10

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How To Select Best Indonesia Natural Stone 

Select your material

On our website, you can view some products in the comfort of your home and make a personal selection through our product menu or our range menu. You can also review our project photo for getting more ideas about your home design.

For detailed consultation, book an appointment with our representatives you can call +62 231 8300496 (office hour only) or you can directly contact Winsen Setiawan mobile no +62 811 2014 80.

If you have no time to leave the country, our Stone Depot team can arrange to send one of our qualified consultants along with their extensive range of samples to your country.

Installation, Cleaning, and Care

Stone depot can give you advise how to install the product, some stone product needs special skill labor to do installation especially the random crazy cut. Stone depot also can arrange to sent one of our qualified technical staff to train your labor on how to install the product. We do this quite often, especially for overseas projects.

Stone depot recommends ongoing cleaning and care maintenance for all our range products. For detailed information on what type of cleaning and care you need for your stone, you can visit our Cleaning & Maintenance menu.

Herewith some tips on how to care for the natural stone product:

  • Use placemats especially under ceramic and other polishing product
  • Use mats or trivets under hot dishes or cookware
  • Use coasters under glasses, especially if contains alcohol or citrus juices
  • Place a small mat or rug at entryways to trap dirt and sand from normal foot traffic
  • Blot up spills immediately to minimize permanent damage to the stone
  • Regularly clean surfaces with neutral cleaners designed for stone
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners such as a dry cleaner or soft cleaner
  • Don’t use alkaline cleaners not specifically formulated for stone

Indonesia Natural Stone Character

Every natural stone has a different character, some natural stone like a soft limestone is forbidden to install in the area with has nontropical season such as Europe. So that you may discuss with us in which area do you want to install the stone product.

Natural stone is not much harder to maintain than other materials, the added value as a natural product provides as a living character is wonderful. Knowing that your feet every morning glides on a marble floor, or that you are resting your eyes on a slate wall that took the earth millions of years to create is a powerful feeling. It is this real sense that no tile or tiles can give you.