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Bali Basalt

basalt stone

Bali Basalt stone also is known as Andesite stone. Bali Basalt stone can be categorized as lava stone but it’s hard as granite. Bali basalt stone can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. This Bali basalt stone has been used in many hotels in the world and mostly used in a luxury villa, hotel, and residential.

Herewith 6 major Bali basalt product which is produced by Stone Bali:
1. Tropical Red Basalt
2. Green Basalt
3. Grey Basalt
4. Baltic Grey Basalt
5. Ocean Blue Basalt
6. Crystal Black Basalt

Product Origin: Indonesia
Category: Basalt
Application: Outdoor & Indoor Tiles/Pavers, Swimming Pool Tiles, Wall Cladding

Finishing Size (mm) Format
Sawn Cut, Flamed, Honed, Bush Hammered, Polished 300x300x17, 300x600x17, 400x600x17, 600x600x17, 600x1200x17, 900x1200x17

300x300x38, 300x600x38, 400x600x38, 600x600x38, 600x1200x38, 900x1200x38



Split Face 100×100, 100×200, 150×300, 200×200, 300×300, 300×600


Cut to Size

Mosaic Wall

Bali basalt stone has so many ranges of colors such as grey, green, red, and black. Bali Basalt Stone very suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. Because this Bali basalt has a hard characteristic so can be used in high traffic areas such as carport, driveway, parking area, and walkway.

In the indoor application, you can choose the polished finish, color for polished finish also very consistent so that you will have a good look at interior design by using the color range of basalt stone.

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