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Bali Stone Accesories

Bali Stone Accessories is our product innovation to follow the modern trend design. There is some stunning collection of Bali Stone Accessories as follows :

  • Bali Hot Stone Massage
  • Bali Stone Dispenser Soap

Bali Hot Stone Massage

Bali Stone For Massage

Bali stone is known for its excellent craftsmanship that makes it the best choice to decorate your private home or even inns. It makes you feel like you have no border with nature and make the room have a warm ambiance. No wonder many hotels in Bali and other areas use this element. In the spa or massage area, Bali Stone is also used to decorate the wall to give relaxation to the mind. Combined with a wood accent and calming music, surrounded by the Bali Stone can reduce the stress and can give you a good sleep while your body is massaged.

What are the advantages of Bali Stone for the massage? There are so many advantages of Bali Stone to your body. The first is to relax your muscle and to make you feel better. The second is to reduce the sore. The third, is to increase the body immunity. And the last one is, the massage with Bali Stone can make you sleep better at night. Thus, many people really love to take this treatment, moreover if they are on holiday when all the itineraries are making them so exhausted. Furthermore, in many spa centers, the Bali Stone massage treatment is quite affordable.


Bali Stone Soap Dispenser

Bali Stone Dispenser Soap especially become solution furniture for hotel, resort, apartment, or village. This great stunning furniture is very suitable for any design projects with a natural feel.

Our Bali Stone Dispenser Soap collection includes :

  • River Stone Soap Dispenser
  • Onyx Soap Dispenser

Product Origin: Indonesia

Material: River Stone, Onyx

Color: Grey, Brown

Type: Liquid Soap Dispensers

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