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Bali Stone Mosaic


Stone Bali produce wide range of Bali Stone Mosaic from many kind of Bali Stone such as Bali Marble, Bali Lavastone, Bali Limestone, Bali Sandstone, Bali Slate and Bali Green Stone. Herewith the details:

Bali Stone Mosaic Item Size (mm) Format Packaging Content
Slate Mosaic 150x300x10 Mosaic Cladding Carton Box (Design Customized) 1 Box = 22 pcs = 1 m2
Marble Parquet Mosaic 300x300x10 Mosaic Wall & Floor Tiles Carton Box (Design Customized) 1 Box = 11 pcs = 1 m2
Onyx Parquest Mosaic 300x300x10 Mosaic Wall Carton-Box (Design Customized) 1 Box = 11 pcs = 1 m2
Basalt Mosaic 200×400 Mosaic Wall Cladding 1 Box = 12 pcs = 1 m2

Bali Stone Mosaic

There are many options of stone mosaic available on the market and almost all are offering some benefits. Actually, there is one option you can try to choose, especially if you want to have a more natural look. This option has been popular, not only amongst private homes but also hotels and other buildings. The option is the Bali stone mosaic. Stone mosaic tiles are something you should consider seriously because it offers a luxurious surface decoration. You must know that the stone mosaic also brings so many advantages when compared to other tiling methods.

For some people, the Bali stone mosaic looks strange at the beginning. It happens because the stone tiles are made of grouping small stones glued onto a certain size. There is a very interesting point regardless of the stone mosaic, which is that most of the stone mosaic tiles in Bali are collected from various countries in the South East Asia region. Another fact is that the mosaic is made from natural stones or pebbles, which means that it could last for many years with proper treatment. You can also use the stone mosaic for decorating any rooms, such as a kitchen, bathroom, patio, or backyard.

There are some benefits you could get if using Bali stone mosaic, such as:

  • Different from most conventional hard flooring, the stone mosaic has a flush surface, so you are safer to walk on it because it gives more traction.
  • The price of the stone mosaic is relatively less expensive than any other stone tiles because it is made from pebbles, which are usually unused.
  • Stone mosaic can easily be adjusted to very narrow areas where usually fixed-size tiles difficult to put.
  • Because it is made from natural stone, the mosaic has a good strength against extreme temperatures. So, you can put the stone mosaic near the stoves or fireplaces.

However, there is some points you have to consider when you want to use the Bali stone mosaic. These points will determine the look of the flooring. Here are the points you have to consider:

  • Sort the stone mosaic before the installation process in order to ensure an even color layout.
  • To ensure the result you want, it is better to test the sealers in a small area.
  • To prevent the stone mosaic falls apart after some time, it is suggested to use only high-quality materials, especially the sealers and grouts.

Bali stone mosaic is highly popular among homeowners because the installation process is so much easy. However, if you are interested to use it for remodeling your home, you have to find the best dealer that can guarantee the quality. There are many stone tile suppliers in Bali and most of them have stone mosaic. But, if you really want the best product, you can only get it if visiting StoneBali.com. This online stone has been popular in the island and it worked with so many big projects. This supplier has the best quality stone mosaic.