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Pumice Stone/Lava Rock

Natural Lava Rock : Great Decorative Landscape Stone

Natural Lava rock is also known as extrusive igneous rocks is the perfect decorative landscape stone to enhance your landscape around trees, bushes, flower beds, ponds, and foundations.

These natural rocks also greatly protect your yards from weed growth and controlling erosion.

Lava rock’s surface has unique volcanos dark-gray colors.

You can feel comfortable in your landscaping garden with this natural lava rock around because it’s color which very naturally.

Besides, Lava rock is a great material for providing an ideal living environment because it has beneficial denitrifying bacteria when using in the water area.

This bacteria can improve the quality of the water with reduce and removing nitrates.

Colors available: Dark-gray and Red Lava

Application: Decorative landscaping stone, aquascape.

Dimensions : 12 – 15mm, 18 – 24mm, 30 – 40mm, size available until 300mm

Natural Lava Rock’s Decorative Stone at Sofitel Bali Resort
Lava Rock : Exotic Aquascape Application at Sofitel Bali Resort
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