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How to Install Bali Limestone on Exterior

How to Install Bali Limestone on Exterior – Limestone is a popular building material used in both interior and exterior applications. It’s a natural stone that’s strong, durable, and can add a touch of elegance to any property. If you’re considering installing limestone on your exterior, it’s important to follow the proper installation procedures to ensure that it’s done correctly.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Install Bali Limestone 

bali-white-classic-limestone-cladding-sofitel-nusa-dua (3)
Bali Limestone at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

Step 1: Measure the Area

The first step in installing limestone on your exterior is to measure the area that needs to be covered. This will help you determine how much limestone you’ll need to purchase. Be sure to measure the height and width of the area, and add an extra 10% to account for cuts and waste.

Step 2: Prepare the Surface

The surface where the limestone will be installed must be clean and free of debris. Use a pressure washer to remove any dirt, dust, or grime. Let the surface dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 3: Apply the Adhesive

Before installing the limestone, you’ll need to apply an adhesive to the surface. Choose an adhesive that’s specifically designed for use with limestone and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and application. Apply the adhesive in a thin, even layer using a notched trowel.

Step 4: Install the Bali Limestone Tiles

Now it’s time to install the limestone. Carefully place each piece of limestone onto the adhesive, pressing it firmly into place. Use spacers to ensure that each piece is evenly spaced from the next. If you need to cut any pieces to fit around windows or doors, use a wet saw or angle grinder to make the cuts.


Step 5: Grout the Joints

Once the limestone is installed, it’s time to grout the joints. Choose a grout that matches the color of the limestone and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and application. Use a grout float to apply the grout, making sure to fill in all the gaps between the limestone pieces.

Step 6: Clean the Surface

After the grout has dried, use a damp sponge to clean the surface of the limestone. Be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this can damage the grout. Once the surface is clean, allow it to dry completely.

Step 7: Seal the Bali Limestone

Finally, it’s important to seal the limestone to protect it from moisture, stains, and other damage. Choose a sealer that’s specifically designed for use with limestone and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. Apply the sealer in a thin, even layer using a paintbrush or sprayer. Allow the sealer to dry completely before exposing the limestone to any moisture.

Installing Bali limestone tiles on your exterior can add beauty and durability to your property. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your limestone is installed correctly and will last for many years to come. Remember to choose the right adhesive, grout, and sealer for your specific project, and don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a professional installer if you’re unsure about any aspect of the installation process.

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Bali Limestone Unique Characteristics and Uses

You may have never seen a hotel with Bali limestone that looks very charming. What makes a hotel interesting is not only the view and service but also the building itself. With limestone Bali, the building architecture is unique & distinctive.

Wall cladding with Bali limestone really creates a unique characteristic. That’s why many people use that natural stone to construct luxury residences, tourist attractions, restaurants, and hotels.

Bali Limestone Characteristics

Limestone Bali

If you are interested in limestone Bali, you are in the right place. For your information, this natural stone comes from the biological processes, both chemical and organic. In the organic process, this natural stone comes from natural deposits of algae, snail shells, as well as marine animal carcasses’ skeletons.

With a chemical process, limestone also comes from calcium carbonate’s natural deposits in certain environments as well as climatic conditions.

Some factors determine the limestone’s type & quality. For your information, we can only find this natural stone in tropical areas that have high humidity like coastal areas. And, some of the limestones come with a sharp texture because of the natural deposits of coral. That’s why it must be processed first. Still related to its characteristics, limestone Bali is solid and nest textured.

Moreover, it has different colors such as blackish, gray, cream, white, and brown. Then, the raw limestone is crushed into smaller stones by ripening it. Usually, the process of combustion uses firewood as fuel.

Bali Limestone Uses

Bali limestone was first used over 7,000 years ago for making statues. Besides that, many people use it to smooth houses’ walls. Furthermore, you can find limestone mixtures in historic buildings such as the Great Wall of China and the Giza Pyramids.

In fact, the limestone’s strength is very great. Now, many people use this natural stone as a wall covering as it enhances its aesthetic value.

Instead of bricks, some luxury hotels use limestone. In fact, limestone from Bali presents a wall building that is mainly white & luxurious. Then, these colors are paired with other blends of natural stone for bathroom interiors, kitchen sets, and even floors.

Natural stone, especially limestone, can really improve the aesthetic value over time. You need to know that limestone comes with an uneven and complex texture. When the age of the stone gets longer, it becomes more solid. In addition, it can create a natural impression. It can also fill the void in the exterior or interior of the building.

We also often find that people use limestone as an admixture to make road construction, concrete, and plaster. Anyway, it shows that limestone can really provide all your needs. However, you need to know that there are different kinds of limestone and they come with different qualities.

So, you have to find and use the best-quality limestone. Bali limestone is undoubtedly the best limestone considering its characteristic, appearance, and durability. Now, if you want to enhance your building’s look, using limestone from Bali will be a good idea. For example, you can apply it as wall cladding, floor, etc.

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Ultimate Guide for Install Bali White Limestone Cladding

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Bali White Limestone Cladding is the premium building material, produced by Stone Depot. If you need to find a Bali Natural Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Bali White Limestone Cladding is one of the best stone tiles to adorn the wall. The white limestone is actually a sedimentary rock, which stands for weather and temperature. This is also a great option for wall cladding as it’s not just beauty, but also offers a unique surface that creates texture. For colors, you have a range of tones that you can choose as you wish. If the white is not what you’re looking for, go for the classic gold, beige gray, or even the yellow middle-east. It’s all about your taste. And now since you want the Bali White Limestone cladding as the choice, check the guide for installing Bali white limestone cladding on your own.

bali-white-classic-limestone-cladding-sofitel-nusa-dua (3)
Bali white limestone for interior wall cladding at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort, Bali

Preparation Processes

Prior to installation, it would be better if we check some things that can ruin your days. Here’s the checklist you should know on the preparation processes:

  1. Lay and Dry the Stones

Since the Limestone is actually a natural stone, we need to make sure that the stone is dry. It is important because a dry stone is easier to install. By letting them dry, you can inspect each side of the stone whether there’s damage or not. Also, it helps you to understand the pattern of the stone.

  1. Wall Surface Free of Dirt or Dust

Other than the stone, you need to check the surface of the wall. You need to clean it up before installing the stone. A clean wall with no dirt or dust will help the adhesive to attach properly. Even if the wall is painted, you need to get rid of the paint prior to installation. Alternatively, you can coat it with other bonding material that works best with your adhesive.

  1. Type of Adhesive

Last, it is important to use a high-quality adhesive brand. Keep in mind that it will last forever on your wall. Therefore, the adhesive is crucial. On the other hand, you can use mortar for better grip.

Installation Processes  


As you know the preparation and what things need to be done, this is the time for the installation processes.

  • Layer

The layer will help the wall absorb the adhesive properly. You can coat it with a metal lath. And then apply the battens to create a rough surface.

  • Mortar Mixture

In this case, we use a mortar mixture to attach the stone to the wall. When the base layer is ready, you can start the mortar mixture. At this point, time is crucial as the mortar can dry fast.

  • Installing Stone

Once you apply the mortar mixture on the wall, you should attach the stone as soon as possible. Attach the limestone properly according to the pattern you wish. Make sure you do it right and patiently.

  • Covering

When all the stones installed, we need to make a tent to cover it from sunlight or rain. It is important to let the mortar and the stone glued. The weather can destroy your work hence you need to over the wall.

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Ultimate Guide for Install Bali White Limestone Cladding