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How to Install Piedra de Bali for Swimming Pool

How to Install Piedra de Bali for Swimming Pool
Piedra de Bali for the outdoor swimming pool in Trinidad & Tobago Project

How to Install Piedra de Bali for Swimming Pool – Natural stone is a very important element in swimming pool construction. Most of the time, people do not understand that natural stone can provide aesthetic value when applied to a swimming pool project.

So far they have only chosen ordinary ceramics for swimming pools without ever considering using natural stone. Whereas natural stone provides more advantages because each natural stone has different characteristics.

One of the best natural stones for swimming pools is Piedra de Bali, an exotic emerald green natural stone suitable for tropical swimming pools.

Expert Guide: Piedra de Bali Installation on Swimming Pool

Piedra de Bali Installation on Swimming Pool
Steps to Install Green Sukabumi Stone

If you want to know how to install Piedra de Bali for the swimming pool, this article will give you a big picture of how to apply natural stone in swimming pools in general. The following are the stages of applying natural stone according to experts.

  1. Select the Best Adhesive

If you have chosen the best natural stone, now is the time to choose the best adhesive that will glue the natural stone to the walls and floor of the swimming pool.

Experts recommend avoiding Water-based Adhesives which will usually lose strength when the pool is filled with water. The recommended type of adhesive is Non-aqueous Adhesive, such as two-component polyurethane or epoxy. Make sure that you apply the adhesive according to the recommended composition.

  1. Apply the Adhesive

We recommend using a tent to cover the pool area. The tent will block the sun’s rays so that the air temperature can remain stable. This is very important because sunlight can increase the temperature which can reduce the strength of the adhesive.

Spread the adhesive mix with the correct thickness. At this point, make sure you read the instructions to understand how this adhesive work optimally. Wait for a moment and don’t start to install the Piedra de Bali right away.

  1. Install the Piedra de Bali Appropriately

When the adhesive has spread to a certain thickness, you can start installing Piedra de Bali. Make sure that you have made a straight line so that the Piedra de Bali installation process can fit according to the pattern.

This also ensures that you have done the installation of natural stone correctly. Do it slowly until the entire pool area. Here, the tent will also ensure that the surface of the pool remains at a normal temperature. Drastic changes in temperature can prevent the adhesive from sticking perfectly.

  1. Wait for 3 or 5 days

Each adhesive product has different instructions, usually the new adhesive can harden completely after 4 hours. The pool surface must also be free from sunlight or rain 12 hours after the installation has been completed. That means you have to keep putting up a tent to protect the swimming pool from weather changes. Then leave for 3 to 5 days, before finally the pool can be filled with water to see if there are leaks or improper installation.

Even though you know how to install Piedra de Bali for the swimming pool, we recommend calling an expert and letting them do their job to make sure your pool is perfect.

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