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White Palimo Sandstone Adds Subtle Texture

White Palimo Sandstone is a classic white stone that will give every building a classic touch and subtle texture. People know this stone for elegance and unique natural stone to enhance the quality of the building for a long time. This stone also has good durability and is versatile due to this stone can be used for flooring tile, swimming pool areas, and wall cladding applications. This will give you an idea for decorating a house or just building a new one. The unique color of White Palimo Sandstone is a perfect suit for you who want to apply modern minimalist design. This stone is also one of the premium stones because this stone is rare in nature and hard to get the raw material, different from other types of stone.

Many people think that White Palimo Sandstone, commonly called Palimanan stone, is a natural stone from Yogyakarta sandstone. But this stone is a natural stone type from the Cirebon, West Java region. Natural stone manufacture is very rare to produce this stone because it is challenging to get it in nature, with difficult terrain and places that rarely hide the natural wealth of this stone type. However, this stone’s luxury still makes many people interested in finding this stone for decorating their building. Furthermore, the advantage of this stone compare to other white sandstone is that it has more dense pores and making it a very strong stone. The subtle texture of White Palimo Sandstone from Stone Depot is firm, so it will be easy to install this stone.

What is the benefit of White Palimo Sandstone?

White Palimo Sandstone Tiles & Pavers

Palimo White Sandstone is also more adhesive with cement, so it is not easy to come off after installation. Besides that, Palimanan white natural stone is more reliable in the availability of raw materials and finished products. They are more able to meet project deadlines that must be completed immediately. It is not surprising that this white sandstone is now better known to many people with these benefits. Even projects in the luxury place, most intended for villas and hotels, also prefer Palimo White sandstone from Stone Depot, even though the budget spent is relatively more expensive. The advantage of this stone can be produced with various finishing and size variations, including machine flat, natural grade, and betel stacking. This type of stone is more organized and neat for your minimalist design house.

Besides that, the advantage of this stone is that it has a unique color. The Palimo White Sandstone does have its beauty and charm. However, the pattern it has is not uniform. On the other hand, this is a unique side of natural stone, but on the other hand, it will provide extra treatment when installing it so that the pattern is well integrated. Also, this stone has Large Pores. Rocks with large pores tend to have their own problems, such as getting mossy easily because water quickly seeps into the stone. This will require a separate handler, such as a coating to prevent water from entering the stone.

Palimo White Sandstone is the most high-value prospect in the market for property investment, thanks to its luxury texture on the surface. Also, this stone has strong durability and has a reasonable price. This natural stone is proven for any building construction project for many five-star hotels. If you need any further assistance regarding the Palimo White Sandstone, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly:  https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email us at: [email protected]