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Oktalina Putri

The Romantic Balinese Bathubs For Someone You Loved

Bali stone bathtubs are the premium building material, produced by Stone Depot. If you need to find a Bali Natural Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

A honeymoon would be a great time to go to a romantic place where you can spend your time with the loved ones. Therefore after the wedding, the couple will always look for the best place that can add a sense of romance. Moreover, this is the most beautiful moment in marriage, where we can be closer to our partners.

In Indonesia, MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang is a favorite place for lovebirds that seek for honeymoon. This is the right place because it has all the criteria for this precious moment. This place has a very beautiful view with a very traditional nuance. Apart from that, the resort’s building style also has its own taste which makes it perfect for a honeymoon.

Romantic Bathing Experience at MesaStila with Your Loved Ones

romantic-stone-bathtubs-marble-stone-mesastila-resort-magelang (3)
relaxing on Balinese bathtubs at MesaStila, Magelang

MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang is also chosen by couples who want to enjoy the most beautiful moment in life. The resort also has honeymoon packages that will make you and your partner feel happy. They even have special rooms that are guaranteed to make the atmosphere even more intimate. In this package, each room has Balinese Bathtubs which will be the best place to relax with your partner. Now you can close the day by soaking in with the people you care about. This will be the best quality time in your life because the sensation of bathing with flowers at this resort will never be forgotten forever.

Interestingly, MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang gives us an inspiration that a bathtub can make the bathroom more pleasant. For couples who have just married, a bathtub is a piece of furniture that will provide a romantic sensation in the bathroom. After enjoying the service and beauty at MesaStila Resort, now you also have the opportunity to have a private bathtub in the bathroom. You can buy Balinese Bathtubs which have various amazing shapes. This is the secret that will make marriage more beautiful and last forever. Also, we might have another point of view about the bathroom because we can make it one of the most romantic places in our house.

The Elegant Balinese Bathtubs with Premium Quality

romantic-stone-bathtubs-marble-stone-mesastila-resort-magelang (2)
the extraordinary stone bathtubs with red marble stone at MesaStila, Magelang

Balinese Bathtubs at MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang do have their own role for couples who are on their honeymoon at this resort. Especially if you look at the quality, this furniture is made of large stones which are then formed into an elegant bathtub. Now you will not only have a romantic feel in the bathroom, but also a bathtub that will give a new color in an unusual place. This artistic bathtub is a rare piece of furniture that will make a bathroom look extraordinary.

In contrast with ordinary bathtubs, Balinese Bathtubs with Indonesia marble stone will add a new character to your bathroom. Made out of natural stone, the bathtub will blend with any bathroom concept, such as minimalist, traditional, and also contemporary bathroom style. Thanks to MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang that gives us the idea that a bathroom could be a romantic place that will add the romantic sense.

If you any further assistance, you need regarding the Bali stone bathtubs, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

The Romantic Balinese Bathtubs For Someone You Loved

Beautiful Outdoor Pink Terrazzo Coffe Table

Bali pink terrazzo is a premium Bali terrazzo for an outstanding coffee table. For product info, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

The exterior design has almost the same complexity as its sibling, interior design. There are many interrelated aspects where each thing we choose will have an effect on something else. This kind of complexity must be resolved in order to find the right concept.

Moreover, there will be lots of ornaments, furniture, and additional accessories that will wrap the whole concept in one piece. In other words, the complexity of the exterior design can be overcome by choosing the right material to make everything perfect. MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang provides an example of how extraordinary outdoor furniture looks because it can complement the whole complexity.

The Eye-catching Pink Terrazzo Table at MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang

MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang is one of the best resorts in Central Java that offers a unique experience. By carrying out the concept of nature’s beauty, MesaStila promises serenity with an inch closer to nature. This will be a wonderful experience because this resort also has an artistic design, exotic, and has a strong tropical feel. Even in every room, it has a traditional concept that blends very well with some ornaments and accessories.

Interestingly, one of the outdoor furniture has become a focal point because of its striking color and unusual design. Even though it is only an outdoor Table, with eye-catching pink color, this furniture provides an unusual design inspiration.

pink-terrazzo-coffe-mesastila-hotel-resort-magelang (2)
The modern pink terrazzo coffe table outdoor at MesaStila

The Modern Pink Terrazzo Table at MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang has made many visitors curious. Terrazzo is a material that has been used more often for flooring or wall cladding. Especially with the unusual pink color, terrazzo looks charming and attracts attention.

The Pink Terrazzo Table at this resort is made of ready-to-use terrazzo, which is a combination of tiles, a mixture of cement and sand, and grains of marble that give a unique abstract pattern. The terrazzo is used as a tabletop that blends with an exotic wooden frame. The combination of modern and traditional styles has created a harmony that makes the exterior concept look different.

pink-terrazzo-coffe-mesastila-hotel-resort-magelang (1)
Beautiful pink round terrazzo coffe table for modern natural ambiance

What MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang has done gives us the idea that terrazzo can also be used to create creative furniture. This ready-to-use terrazzo is also easy to apply to other media, depending on the project and design concept that you will start. You can also use this ready-to-use pink terrazzo for a kitchen countertop, living room table, or bar table which will add aesthetic value to the room. Or you can borrow a concept from this resort by using these materials to print an eye-catching outdoor Table. Using this material to create your own furniture will give you a new way to explore design.

The best part about Bali pink terrazzo is that we can get this material for an affordable price. Also, this item comes with understandable instruction so it doesn’t require expert skill to mold it into something else. Other than that, you can hire someone to prepare the mixture and mold it into beautiful furniture.

If you have any further assistance, need regarding the Bali Pink Terrazzo Coffe Table, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly : (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Beautiful Outdoor Pink Terrazzo Coffe Table

Walk on The Rustic Pacito Rosso Marble Stone Bali in Malang

Bali marble pacito Rosso is a premium Bali marble stone for durable and elegant floor tiles. For product info, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

We can try to find inspirational designs in fun ways, such as going to tourist attractions for example. If you have a little free time on weekends, Jatim Park Malang will be the best place for a quick gateway. This is the right place to get closer to nature. Especially if you’ve been locked in a monotonous routine that increases stress levels. Jatim Park will be a solution to make your mind calmer.

Moreover, this place also has a special area that will provide design inspiration for future projects. With artistic natural stone material, one part of Jatim Park has an extraordinary appearance.

The Unique Pacito Rosso Marble for Floors at Jatim Park

When many people have chosen parquet for flooring, you can consider other materials that will be used in this project. Natural stone is still the most appropriate choice for all flooring because it has above-average quality. Even when compared to parquet, natural stone has much better durability.

bali-marble-pacito-rosso-floor-eco-green-park-malang (2)
The elegant-comfy floors with Bali Marble Pacito Rosso at Jatim Park, Malang

One of the materials for flooring that managed to steal attention in Jatim Park Malang is Bali Marble Pacito Rosso, which gives an astonishing impression. It will be a different experience because you will walk on the floor with a thick rustic accent. This is proof that using natural stone for flooring is a very wise choice.

You can’t do flooring carelessly as this is a technique that will give the floor an unusual appearance. The material used will determine the character of an area. Like when using parquet, this material will give a minimalist and simple impression.

Brings Back the Tropical Nuance

However, using natural stone for flooring will give a different look because natural stone is synonymous with something elegant, luxurious, and classic. So you have to be able to imagine what kind of character you want before choosing the material for flooring. In this case, Jatim Park Malang wants to combine the rustic concept of flooring with natural tropical nuances. They did the right thing by choosing Bali Marble Pacito Rosso as the main material.

bali-marble-pacito-rosso-floor-eco-green-park-malang (1)
Bali marble floor tiles improve the natural ambiance around the park

Bali Marble Pacito Rosso is a natural stone in the marble category that has the best quality. This natural stone has been processed to have an exotic fiery red color. However, the flaming process will not affect the original quality and strength of the marble stone. In fact, this process will give an amazing effect because now the marble has red streaks, which when applied to the floor will give a rustic impression. Jatim Park Malang provides a good example in an area using this natural stone. Visitors will have a different experience when walking in the area thanks to the exotic marble appearance.

Even though there are plenty of options of colorful marble stones, Bali Marble Pacito Rosso gives a distinctive look when applied in one of Jatim Park’s areas. It gives a unique experience as we walk through the area using this marble stone as flooring. We can sense the tropical and exotic feel while our eyes pleased by the rustic impressions all around the corner.

If you have any further assistance, need regarding the Bali marble stone Pacito Rosso, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Walk on The Rustic Pacito Rosso Marble Stone Bali in Malang