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Tropical Tranquility: Sukabumi Stone and Black Lavastone in Brisbane’s Resort Pool

Brisbane, Australia, is known for its beautiful landscapes, and when it comes to resort pools, there’s one element that’s becoming increasingly popular: Sukabumi stone and Black Lavastone. In this article, we’ll explore how these natural stones can transform a resort pool into a tropical paradise, offering both aesthetic beauty and functional benefits.

The Magic of Sukabumi Stone

Beautiful combination between Green Sukabumi and Black Lavastone for outdoor pool

Sukabumi stone, often referred to as Bali green stone, is a natural stone sourced from the Sukabumi region in Indonesia. It has gained acclaim for its captivating greenish-blue hue, reminiscent of tropical waters. This stone’s distinctive shade makes it an ideal selection for resort pools aiming to infuse a sense of nature and opulence.

Black Lavastone: Elegance in Darkness

Black Lavastone, on the other hand, hails from the volcanic regions of Indonesia. It is characterized by its deep black color with tiny specks of white, which gives it a starry-night appearance. The contrast between Sukabumi and Black Lavastone is like poetry in design, offering an exquisite visual contrast that’s hard to beat.

Using Sukabumi and Black Lavastone in a resort pool provides a multitude of aesthetic benefits. The greenish-blue hue of Sukabumi stone creates a sense of calm and tranquility. It mimics the color of tropical seas, making swimmers feel as if they’re taking a dip in the ocean itself. The deep black elegance of Black Lavastone complements this serenity with a touch of sophistication.

Design Possibilities

Brisbane Outdoor Pool with Modern Styles
  • Harmonious Blend

One design approach is to use Sukabumi stone for the pool’s interior, creating a serene underwater atmosphere. The Black Lavastone can be employed for the pool’s surrounding area, such as the pool deck and walkways. This harmonious blend of colors creates a balanced, visually appealing space.

  • Mosaic Patterns

Another creative option is to create intricate mosaic patterns with these stones. Sukabumi’s natural greenish-blue color can be arranged in waves or fish-scale patterns at the bottom of the pool, while Black Lavastone can be used for artistic designs along the pool’s edge.

Functional Advantages

  • Temperature Regulation

One of the standout features of these stones is their ability to regulate water temperature. Sukabumi stone’s natural composition allows it to absorb and dissipate heat slowly. This means the pool water remains cooler even on scorching summer days. Black Lavastone, on the other hand, can help keep the surrounding area warm during cooler evenings.

  • Durability

Both Sukabumi and Black Lavastone are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. They can withstand heavy foot traffic and are highly resistant to chemicals, making them a wise choice for a resort pool that needs to maintain its beauty and functionality for years.


  • Easy Cleaning

Maintenance is a breeze with these stones. Their smooth surfaces make it easy to clean, and they require minimal effort to keep their luster. This means less time spent on maintenance and more time enjoying the pool.

Incorporating Sukabumi and Black Lavastone into a resort pool design is a surefire way to create a tropical paradise right in the heart of Brisbane. These stones offer not only aesthetic beauty but also functional benefits, making them a wise choice for any resort seeking to stand out in the world of luxury pool design.

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Timeless and Elegance: Black Lavastone Wall Cladding at Holiday Inn Resort Bali

Bali’s Holiday Inn Resort, located in the heart of the island’s tropical paradise, stands as an exquisite testament to architectural beauty and luxury. This distinguished resort has garnered a reputation for its remarkable design choices, with its black lavastone wall cladding stealing the spotlight. In this article, we will explore the allure and transformation brought about by this unique architectural feature.

The Enchantment of Bali’s Holiday Inn Resort

Black Lavastone Wall Cladding at Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

Bali, renowned for its scenic shorelines and luxuriant scenery, has perpetually drawn in wanderers in quest of a serene escape. Situated in the bustling heart of Kuta, the Holiday Inn Resort encapsulates the very spirit of this haven, not solely by its geographical situation, but also by virtue of its remarkable design.

Black Lavastone: An Architectural Wonder

At the heart of Bali’s Holiday Inn Resort lies a design choice that sets it apart from the ordinary: black lavastone, also known as “batu candi.” This volcanic rock, native to Indonesia, possesses unique attributes that make it a jewel in the world of architecture, including durability, natural elegance, and a distinct dark color that exudes opulence.

The utilization of black lavastone in the resort’s wall cladding creates a striking contrast against Bali’s lush green backdrop. The dark, earthy tones not only harmonize with the natural surroundings but also add a touch of contemporary elegance to the resort’s aesthetic.

Black lavastone stands out not only for its beauty but also for its exceptional durability. It can withstand the test of time and the challenges of Bali’s tropical climate. Furthermore, its eco-friendly nature aligns seamlessly with the resort’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

The Artisan’s Touch in Lavastone Cladding

Bali Lavastone Cladding with Random Kewal Pattern

Craftsmanship plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the lavastone cladding is not just a functional element but a work of art. Skilled artisans have painstakingly installed each piece, transforming the resort into a masterpiece of architecture.

The choice of black lavastone for the wall cladding is more than just a design decision; it’s an experience enhancer. Guests at the Holiday Inn Resort are treated to not only breathtaking surroundings but also the soothing and calming touch of natural stone textures.

The use of black lavastone at the Holiday Inn Resort could be a harbinger of a new trend in architectural design. Its unique aesthetics and eco-friendly attributes have the potential to inspire future projects to follow suit.

Bali’s Holiday Inn Resort: A Lavastone Sanctuary

In the midst of Bali’s bustling energy, the Holiday Inn Resort stands as an oasis of serenity. The black lavastone cladding significantly contributes to the resort’s calming atmosphere, making it an ideal retreat for weary travelers.

In conclusion, Bali’s Holiday Inn Resort, with its choice of black lavastone wall cladding, has redefined the essence of luxury and sustainability in architectural design. By harmonizing aesthetics and eco-friendliness, the resort has set a high standard for future architectural endeavors.

If you are interested in using Black Lavastone for your wall cladding project, please contact us by clicking the following Whatsapp link: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Dive into Luxury: Brisbane’s Black Lavastone Pool Transformation

When it comes to crafting the ultimate oasis in your Brisbane backyard, the materials you choose for your swimming pool can turn it from ordinary to extraordinary. Picture this: Brisbane’s sun shining, the water glistening, and your pool’s floor adorned with Black Lavastone tiles. These aren’t just tiles; they’re the James Bond of pool tiles. Their striking, deep black hue exudes an air of sophistication and modernity that’s second to none. Formed by volcanic activity over millennia, they possess a unique, eye-catching charm that elevates the entire pool area, whether it’s surrounded by a lush garden or set against a contemporary backdrop.

The Durability and More From Black Lavastone Tiles

The exotism of Black Lavastone Tiles Project in Brisbane

What good is beauty without resilience? Black Lavastone tiles are as tough as a sunburnt kangaroo. They can handle the Aussie climate like a champ, especially Brisbane’s hot and humid summers. You won’t catch these tiles fading, chipping, or cracking, no siree! They’ll keep your pool area looking dazzling for years to come, saving you from the need for frequent replacements and repairs. That means more time for barbies and a cold brew by the pool.

Brisbane’s subtropical climate can be a tad unpredictable. Maintaining the perfect water temperature in your pool is like trying to hit a bullseye in a game of darts. But here’s where Black Lavastone tiles come to the rescue. They have a knack for soaking up and holding onto the sun’s warmth, keeping your pool water comfortably toasty. Even during those cooler months, your pool remains a warm and inviting haven. It’s like having your own hot tub, Aussie style!

Low Maintenance, High Enjoyment

The last thing you want is to spend more time cleaning the pool area than splashing around in it. With Black Lavastone tiles, maintenance is a breeze. All they need is a quick wash with water and a touch of mild soap to keep them looking as fresh as a sea breeze. Say goodbye to fuss and hello to relaxation and fun.

Black Lavastone tiles are your blank canvas for pool design. Whether you fancy the sleek and modern or prefer a natural, rustic vibe, these tiles adapt to your vision like a true-blue mate. They’re the perfect wingman, complementing various landscaping styles – from lush greenery to wooden accents or contemporary furniture. The possibilities are as endless as a never-ending wave, allowing you to create your dream pool area.

Choosing Black Lavastone tiles for your Brisbane pool is a no-brainer. They offer a winning combination of aesthetics, durability, heat retention, and easy maintenance. Plus, they’re a canvas for your creative pool design ideas. With Black Lavastone, your Brisbane home swimming pool will be a luxurious oasis for endless enjoyment.

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