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Bali Green Stone – Things You Need to Know

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Product by Stone Depot

Bali Green Stone is the other name of Green Sukabumi Stone. It has emerald green clearance color when contacted with the water. This bali green stone tiles is formed into tiles for the floor, wall, or any other decorative pool. In another country, people usually call it as Pedra Hijau Verde. This kind of material has zeolites that can be beneficial substance for the tiles lasting. Zeolites in its material can be used to reduce the ammoniac in the pool. It will keep the swimming pool clear from the bad smell and strange substance. The zeolites will filtering the other strange material in the pool. Not only that, the substance of the Bali green stone pool tiles is well-known as a thermally temperature stable.

Bali Green Stone Pool Tiles – Application for Luxury Swimming Pool

Bali Green Stone Pool Tiles for Renaissance Pattaya Resort, Thailand Swimming Pool – Photo courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa Thailand

This Bali Green Stone usually used by high class resort or hotel. Not only for the swimming pool, this quartzite stone with green special color also has any special substance inside its tile. The special fact about this bali pool tiles is the color becomes greener in the wet condition. So, it will make your pool more used as pool wall material. This green stone tiles has endurance and hardness better than the other material. It is look like beautiful with the water inside. It is also influences the swimming pool look like more aesthetic with the green-turquoise color.

Buy Bali Green Stone Tiles – Product Description

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Honed and Sawn Cut

One of the most favorite places to buy Green Bali Stone is Stone Depot that has been provide the natural stone for many resorts and villa around the globe. This store provides the Green Stone for the swimming pool mosaic tiles, pool wall, or bathroom floor and wall in variety sizes and types. You can put this non slippery tile in your pool. There are several types of size, 100x100mm, 100x200mm, 150x150mm, 200x200mm and 300x300mm. Each cut have thickness around 10mm ~ 30mm and squaring 1mm. This Bali Green Stone contains zeolite agent which is well-known as natural filter to purify the water from the ammoniac or any other trashes. If you buy the Green Sukabumi Stone from Stone Depot, you will get a high quality zeolites which has the best ion exchange. This ion can remove and recovery heavy metal cations like Pb, Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn, Co, and Cr.

The other reason to buy Bali Green stone in Stone Depot is it has premium color selection. We select the color of green stone based on customer needs. It will not sell cheap and low quality color and texture. It is done to avoid the installation problem caused by wrong material product selection. Also, the service from this store is really fast respond. Our team are available 24 hour to serve the customer. It also provides easy communication by whatsapp. The last advantage is Stone Depot is the expert in tiles material field. It has experience around 11 years in natural stone industry. You do not need to worry about the quality of Bali Stone from this store. Also, it is already exported to the Hawaii, Phuket, Sanya, Haikou, Maldives, Rio de Jainero, and any other popular tourism city in the world.

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Bali Green Stone – Things You Need to Know

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