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Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas with Bali Natural Stone

Bali is known as the famous tourist destination in Indonesia. In fact, more tourists know about Bali than Indonesia as a country. Another fun fact is that Bali is famous for a different reason. If the tourists and travelers know Bali for its beautiful landscape, architect and builders around the world know about Bali better for its woodworking, painting, and craftsmanship. For those who have been here must be understood that there are many aesthetic craft and souvenirs with affordable price. Meanwhile, for the builders, Bali is also known for its natural stone. And in this case, Bali natural stones are known the best for pool tiles.

Stone Depot, an Indonesian natural stone supplier based in Bali and Cirebon is one of the most reliable suppliers and construction consultants for many hotels and resorts around the world. We are expertise in building a swimming pool with natural stones from Indonesia has been proven in various projects such as Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai, and Holiday Inn Resort, Bali. Here are a list of the beautiful swimming pool ideas using Bali natural stone from around the world.

Green Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai

Green Pool with Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai – Photo courtesy of Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai

The most common natural stone tiles for the swimming pool is the Green Sukabumi Stone which is also known as Pedra Hijau Verde. The stone used for the Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai was executed beautifully by Stone Depot. This natural stone tile contains Zeolite that acts as the purifying agent that keeps the water clean and healthy resulting in the low-maintenance effort. Other than that, the Green Sukabumi Stone tiles are also anti-slip and anti-corrosion, keeping the pool safe and durable.

Modern Blue Pool with Bali Glaze Mosaic in Bali

Modern Blue Pool with Bali Glaze Mosaic in Holiday Inn Resort, Bali – Photo courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali

One of the Stone Depot’s masterpieces that use Bali Glaze Mosaic is in the Holiday Inn Resort’s pool. There’s a reason why they choose Bali Glaze Mosaic as the pool tiles. For a medium-size pool with medium depth, it needs stone tiles that can make the bottom of the pond look as clear as possible. Yes, the purpose of the Bali Glaze Mosaic stone tiles is to enhance the visibility so the swimmers know that it is not too deep to swim. Also, Bali Glaze Mosaic makes the swimming pool looks tempting!

 Modern Blue Pool with Mosaic Kuda Laut in Bali

Modern Blue Pool with Mozaik Kuda Laut in Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali – Photo courtesy of Sofitel Nusa Dua, Bali

Another option for the stone tiles for the pool is the Mosaic Kuda Laut. The mosaic pattern is what makes your pool looks different from others. In this example, the Mosaic Kuda Laut installed diagonally in a large pool in order to create a better angle and avoid boredom. The Mosaic Kuda Laut stone tiles sometimes are available in a smaller size and more complex patterns. You can request the size and patterns to match your pool ideas.

Elegance Silver grey and Skybluestone in Bangkok, Thailand

Elegance Pool with Silver grey & Skybluestone in Floraville Bangkok, Thailand – Photo courtesy of Floraville Bangkok, Thailand

Bali natural stone has abundant options for those who want to choose the best stone tile for pools. You can try the combination of Silvergrey and Skybluestone for a large size pool that wants to use a different pattern. The blend of silver-grey and sky blue color will bring different feel at the bottom of the pool. Those are several options of Bali natural stone that you can choose to make the swimming pool look more beautiful.

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Beautiful Swimming Pool Ideas with Bali Natural Stone

Beautiful Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Trinidad & Tobago Swimming Pool Project by Stone Depot

A tropical island is a reason why most of the tourists from the four-seasons countries flying away during the cold weather. As the north or the south starts to frost, some tourists want to keep their body tanned so they decide to go to a tropical country or island just to catch up with the sun. Trinidad and Tobago, a small country that is also dual-island situated in the equator make a perfect spot for tourists that want to feel the heat. This country is very beautiful and the locals are super friendly. Another reason why tourists come here is the distinctive traditions and mouthwatering cuisines. And the resorts are exceptional as they offer something you can’t resist.

Beautiful Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Trinidad & Tobago Swimming Pool Project by Stone Depot – Photos Courtesy of Stone Depot Project in Trinidad & Tobago

One of the resorts in Trinidad and Tobago is building a breath-taking swimming pool in one of their sides. Stone Depot, a Natural Stone supplier and expert pool consultant from Indonesia will give you something attractive. It is a small pool that is hanging in ‘the cliff’, as you face the sea and you can see the beauty of the view in front of you. Once it is done, this resort will be fully-booked as they want to try to dip and enjoy the scenery during sunset. This is the perfect way to end your day after a long haul of exploring the vicinity.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone’s Role in This Project

The main attraction is not just the view and its unique design. What makes the pool different are the materials used in this construction. Stone Depot brought one of the best-selling natural stone from Indonesia that decorated the pear-shaped pool. It is the beautiful Bali Green Sukabumi Stone that takes the pool to the next level. The combination of the Bali Green Sukabumi Stone with the small pool is amazing because it creates comfort. The guest is now having the perfect spot to enjoy the scenery without going outside.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone’s Role – Photo Courtesy of Stone Depot Project in Trinidad & Tobago

The natural green color from the stone will not absorb the sunlight. Instead, it bounces back the sunlight and as a result, the water looks shimmering all day long. The green tone from the stone is also matching with the scenery as you will see the green forest by the beach. The Bali Green Sukabumi Stone is also anti-slippery so it is safe to dip as you will get a great grip on your foot. Plus, the stone has the ability to purify the water so the guests will always feel safe and healthy. It is an advantage though, as some people avoid the hotel pool because they think that the swimming pool is the dirtiest place in the hotel.

The tropical vibe increases the ambiance and it is 100% relaxing and keeps the mood flying high during your stay. From now on, it is up to you to find the best spot to sunbathe. Either you go outside and go to the beach or just stay from the porch and enjoy the breath-taking view while dipping in the pool once in a while. Feel free to come and see the resort and enjoy the masterpiece from the Stone Depot!

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Beautiful Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Trinidad & Tobago Swimming Pool Project by Stone Depot

Beauty Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Application in Medellin, Colombia Project by Stone Depot

Green Sukabumi Stone in Medellin, Colombia Project by Stone Depot (Courtesy of Colombia Project)

Living in a mountainous Antioquia province must be very hot considering the elevation and sunny weather almost all year. And I think it is okay to build your own swimming pool just in case you want to cool down during the hot sunny day by dipping in the pool and having tropical juice on your hand. What a perfect way to spend your weekend! And you can even invite some of your friends to enjoy the barbecue near the pool. That’s what Medellin people like to do during the weekend, am I right? Well, that could only happen when you have a pool because if you don’t have any, then you should build one.

Building a new swimming pool means you need to think about a lot of aspects, the design, the depth, the water source, and even the materials that needed during the construction process. We won’t interrupt your plan, but when it comes about the material, we would like to suggest the Bali green Sukabumi stone tiles as the base material for the wall and flooring. This gem is only can be found in Indonesia, which makes the price of the stone tiles are quite expensive due to the rarity. But the effort to find this stone tiles are worthy since it gives a lot of benefits when used for the swimming pool tiles. Just like its name, it has a greeny tone on the whole block. You will see the uniqueness when the installation process is done. Once the tiles meet the water, the green color will start to glow and as a result, you will see the crystal pure water on your swimming pool. No need to go to the ocean just to see the crystal clear!

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Size and Finishing

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Size Available

The Bali green Sukabumi stone tiles are available in different sizes and finishing which can be adjusted to your swimming pool dimension. The size of the pool tiles is available starting from the 10x10x1 to 20x20x1 – you can ask the seller to customize your size if you want. For the swimming pool, the smooth finishing is suitable for flooring or any other wet area since it has flat face. This finishing breaks down into different types, Sawn Cut and Honed. Sawn Cut is not very smooth because it cut by the machine. Meanwhile the Honed is the smoothest material for the pool. Regardless of the texture, these tiles are safe for the Medellin swimming pool design because it is anti-slip and it has high abrasion resistance. It doesn’t absorb the heat so it will keep the water temperature at your pool cool and refreshing.

The best part about the Bali green Sukabumi stone tiles is the magical substance contained in it. The Zeolite is a substance that can remove and clean the swimming pool naturally by removing bacteria and organisms that can change the color of the water. So, by using these stone tiles you will keep the pool clean and healthy even though you give zero maintenance.

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Beauty Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Application in Medellin, Colombia Project by Stone Depot

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