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Beauty of Bali Black Lavastone for Swimming Pool Tiles in Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort, Pecem, Brazil

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles for Swimming Pool Project in Carmel Taiba Executive Resort, Pecem, Brazil

The tropical season in Brazil is the reason travelers from the ‘North’ like to go to Brazilian Beach and enjoy the shining sun. This premise drives the resort and hotel owners build a super large swimming pool so the guests can enjoy the tropical breeze and spend their time sunbathing. Just like what Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort wants to please the visitors around the world that decide to spend their holiday on there, the resort has beautiful swimming pools with different size but still maintain the nature concept. Of course the pools look lavish and modern, but the used of Bali black lava stone tiles give the pools nature-like experience during your stay.

Bali Lavastone for Shimmering Swimming Pool

Bali Lavastone for Shimmering Swimming Pool

The swimming pools are amazing because the pure crystal clear water looks shimmering thanks to the Bali lavastone. The solid black color tiles that used around the pools area make them look great and tempting. The most interesting part about the pools is that the stones are not only managed to add more value to the pools but also giving the solid grip when you walk on the wet pools area. Yes, the Bali black lava stone tiles have amazing texture on the surface, a tiny yet so many holes that can absorb the heat in order to keep the pools temperature low and making it less slippery. This character make these stone tiles are used worldwide, thus, Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort decided to use the same material that its quality is guaranteed.

The beauty of Bali black lava stone tiles for swimming pools is breathtaking indeed. And it is okay if you dream about building your own pool with the same materials. The Bali lavastone tiles are available in different size and shape so you have freedom to design your own swimming pool. The stone tiles are suitable for the flooring, wall cladding, or used as the pathway around the pools. Choosing it to cover the vicinity would be the best decision because the stone emit different tone depends on the wet rate level. On the dry or hot situation, the stone looks a bit of grey and it turns into solid black once it is wet. As the result, there would be a beautiful gradation from grey to solid black in the swimming pool area.

The Exoticism of the Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort’s Swimming Pool Supported by Stone Depot

The Exoticism Swimming Pool with Bali Lavastone Tiles

The exoticism of the Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort’s swimming pools is done by Stone Depot, the best manufacturer from Indonesia that has been known worldwide. This resort is not the only overseas project done by the company, but they have trusted to do various projects in many big-name resorts in Dubai, Sydney, Thailand, and Colombia. So, it doesn’t matter where you live, you can call the company and tell them that you were amazed with the projects in Carmel Taiba Resort. And if you want to build swimming pool with the Bali black lava stone tiles from them, feel free to ask the price and shipping delivery. They would be very helpful in handling the project because customer satisfactory is their main goals.

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Beauty of Bali Black Lavastone for Swimming Pool Tiles in Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort, Pecem, Brazil

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