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Bali Black Lavastone Tiles – Warm and Cool Designs with Black Lavastone Tiles at Holiday Inn Bali Resort Project by Stone Depot


Bali Black Lavastone Tiles offer you warm and cool designs with basalt or andesite materials. Check out each colour variants here for more information.

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles for Swimming Pool Project (Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali)

Black Lavastone Tiles in Bali – Perfect Combination of Bali Lava Stone Tiles with Any Design Projects

Bali Black Lavastone tiles are famously known and often used in architecture. As one of the natural stones in Indonesia, black lavastone is perfect to have a solid, lasting property. Whether for swimming pool tile pavers, gardening platforms, or even bathroom floors, this option is to go for. Its surface also comes in varieties. Speaking of varieties, black lavastone has plenty of twins. One of them is black basalt. You can have warm and cool designs with Bali lavastone for flooring tile. Before that, we need to get to know more about black lavastone. What makes it special, especially in architecture?

Bali Black Lavastone – Color Varian

Bali basalt stone has another name, which is andesite stone. Basalt can be used for Bali Black Lavastone tiles since it is also the type of black lavastone. It is also solid like granite. Whether indoor or outdoor, Bali lavastone is just as good. You can see it on luxurious properties. Some of the examples include hotels, luxury villas, and fancy residential. For outdoor properties, you can see it on carports, driveways, parking areas, and even sidewalks. Bali lavastone also has a range of different colors, like grey, dark grey, and black. Each color may work wonders for different properties.

Indonesia Black Lavastone Tiles – Luxurious Black Lavastone for Swimming Pool Tiles

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles for Swimming Pool (Courtesy of Holiday Inn Resort, Bali)

As the company that produces Bali Black Lavastone tiles, Stone Depot makes six major Bali basalt or andesite products. They are tropical red basalt, green basalt, grey basalt, Baltic grey basalt, blue ocean basalt, and black crystal basalt. To use any of them in the indoor application, you can have the polished finish version. Each color represents a different atmosphere. For starters, the tropical red basalt gives a sense of warmth when used as indoor tiles. Some houses with Mediterranean style have this color. It is also not a rare option in tropical areas, especially for luxurious buildings like hotels and resorts.

If you prefer something elegant and rather majestic, choose black crystal basalt for your Bali Black Lavastone tiles. Unfortunately, this shade does not look bright if used indoors (not even with proper lighting). It will be quite difficult when you try to detect some gathering dust from a distance. Crystal black basalt is better as an outdoor application. For a sense of coolness, you can choose green basalt and blue ocean basalt. These two color choices are great for either indoor or outdoor tiles. Grey basalt and Baltic grey basalt offer you a sense of something much cooler. These two are also perfect for both indoor and outdoor tiles. Whatever suits you best, basalt or andesite has a lot to offer.

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Bali Black Lavastone Tiles – Warm and Cool Designs with Black Lavastone Tiles at Holiday Inn Bali Resort Project by Stone Depot

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