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Stone Depot News : Product Stock on February, Black Lavastone on The Top

Stone Depot updated Product Stock on February, 2020 and came with the most famous natural stone from Indonesia. There are Bali Black Lavastone and Green Sukabumi stone.

Both of them, came with ready stock item around 400 ~ 1,000 squaremeters along with various sizes from small to large.

Here is the update stock.

Stone Bali – Stock Sale Updated on February, 2020

Stone Depot always updates the stock with different items every month. But at this time, our Bali Black Lavastone product has ready stock item around 700 ~ 1,000 sqm from small to large sizes. Its more higher than Green Sukabumi Stone.

Now is a special moment if you need Black Lavastone tiles, because we can supply this natural stone tile for order one container loaded then ready to send directly.

Good Things of Bali Black Lavastone

Elegance Bali Black Lavastone Product

Did you know that Black Lavastone is one of the precious natural stone from Indonesia due to its formed from volcanic lava eruption of Merapi Mountain.

The history of Black Lavastone came from the biggest temple in the world, Borobudur Temple. Our ancient used this elegance stone on there. Its why Black Lavastone also known as Black “Temple” Lavastone.

One of any good things that Bali Black Lavastone have is this stone include a kind of versatile material. It suitable for use the stone for any exterior and interior purposes. Meanwhile, this stone came with high durability along with mainly composed of the stone are sillica (55-65%)feldspar, and quartz.

Bali Lavastone Application

Bali Lavastone for Swimming Pool Application

Black Lavastone with sizes 100x100x10mm, 200x200x20mm, and 400x600x20mm can be used forswimming pool tiles, floor tiles and wall cladding application. It also suitable use for Modern to Tropical themes.

As on above picture, Bali Black Lavastone with size 100x100x10mm used for swimming pool purposes. This Bali Lavastone pool tiles installed on Carmel Taiba Exclusive Resort in Pecem, Brazil.

If you need further assistance regarding this special stone, please do contact Stone Bali team through Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 811 2014 80 (Winsen) or email :

Product Stock on February : Black Lavastone on The Top

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Elegant and Durable Bali Green Stone at Amanjiwo Borobudur Resort

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Luxury of Bali Green for Swimming Pool Tiles

Bali Green Stone Tiles – All Photos courtesy of Amanjiwo Group Resort

As a luxury resort stands near Borobudur Temple in Indonesia, Amanjiwo Resort needs to use the best materials to create their features. Bali green stone tiles at Amanjiwo Borobudur Resort, for example, are the most eye-catching features for anyone will enter the main area. The green stones were sourced from several Indonesian areas, including Bali. This island, which is a close neighbor of Java (the location of Borobudur Temple) is also famous for having a source of good bali green stone. These natural stones look beautiful at the resort, and you can order a similar product to build your own house in a more durable way.

Bali Green Pool Tiles – Characteristics of Bali Green Stone Tiles

bali-green-stone-amanjiwo (2)
Exotic Bali Green Stone at Amanjiwo Resort

Bali green stone tiles at Amanjiwo Borobudur Resort are beautiful and customized based on required design. You can see the green stone tiles in the swimming pool, both the public and private areas. Blue-green color is an inviting shade for swimming pools, beckoning guests to enjoy the cool water under the tropical sun. The color contrasts perfectly with the surrounding cream and light-colored tiles. The blue-green color can be enjoyed during the day andnight. The stone tiles were made of natural green stones, mined from Indonesia’s famous green stone sources. There are subtle grain patterns on the stone’s surface, giving each tile more personalized decoration.

Bali green stone tiles at Amanjiwo Borobudur Resort have unique textures. They are smooth and not abrasive, perfect for guests who like spending much time in the pool. The stones can keep the most comfortable temperatures for swimmers. The surface is not heated during the day but warm at night. The blue-green color looks fantastic under the sun. These green stone tiles are also easy to clean. Each tile is customized based on the pool specification. You can see these green stones in the public and private pools, complimenting the resort’s entire design. The stones add a modern touch in a resort that reflects an ancient temple.

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Indonesia Green Stone Tiles Supplier

bali-green-stone-amanjiwo (2)
Bali Green Stone Tiles for Swimming Pool

Indonesia has reliable suppliers that customize and send stone products around the world. A supplier such as Bali Stone Depot employs local workers to work on Balinese or Javanese natural stones. The resulting products are durable, well-crafted, and beautiful. You can order customized products to match your current projects, and the local workers will happily suit the products specifications for you. Bali Stone Depot has run the business since 2005, serving international customers in 50 countries. If Bali green stone tiles at Amanjiwo Borobudur Resort attract you, contact Bali Stone Depot to inquire about their products and pricing.

More info about Bali Green Stone Tiles price, please contact us by Whatsapp / Mobile Phone : +62 811 2014 80 (Winsen) or email :

Bali Green Stone Tiles – Elegant and Durable Green Stone at Amanjiwo Borobudur Resort

Bali Natural Stone Tiles – Beautiful Natural Stone Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone – Great Quality of Bali Green Stone for Swimming Pool

Bali Green Stone Tiles in Bulgari Resort, Bali

Who can resist Bali? The beautiful Island of Gods is such a wonderful escape for your busy days. Bali offers you beautiful sceneries, from mountain to the sea, from the cafe to the bar. You can be anything in Bali, and you will be pleased on how great the Balinese treat people. To complete your happiness when in Bali, it is better for you to stay in the inns with a good ambience like Bulgari Resort Bali. The Beautiful Bali Natural Stone Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali gives you a very good welcome and the ultimate intimacy. Such a good place for a great honeymoon experience.

Bali stone tiles have beautiful colors that can turn the water’s color into the amazing Tuscan green or blue. That is why the Beautiful Bali Natural Stone Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali are often used as the base of the swimming pool to give a great and bright look. In there, it looks like you are swimming in the natural and magnificent blue lagoon surrounded by the natural decoration and the beautiful weather of Bali. Moreover, Bali green stone tiles are known for its durability eventhough they are installed in the deep water.

Bali Sandstone Tiles – Wonderful Look of Bali Golden Sandstone for Wall Cladding

Bali Sandstone for Walling Tile – All photos courtesy of Bulgari Resort Bali

Lies as one of the islands in Indonesia, Bali has a tropical climate. That makes Bali is so hot in the dry time and wet in the rainy season. People tend to visit Bali in the dry season when the rain doesn’t fall regularly, so they can enjoy the time chilling in the beach like Kuta or even inside the swimming pool in the day time. The Beautiful Bali Natural Stone Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali have a cold surface that makes the guests feel so comfortable also though they are chilling in the middle of the afternoon when the sun shines so bright above them.

Bali sandstone tiles are kind of natural stones that are easy to find everywhere and also are affordable. Moreover, it is multifunctional. You can not only use it as the base of the pool but also as the wall decoration inside your inn or as the flooring near the swimming pool. The surface of the Beautiful Bali Natural Stone Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali can prevent you from the slippery. To get the best Bali stone tiles for your house or your inns, you can visit the page of for further information and inquiries. As one of the best Bali Stone Depot offers you the choices of natural stone in high quality.

More info about Bali Natural Stone Tiles price, please contact us by Whatsapp / Mobile Phone : +62 811 2014 80 (Winsen) or email :

Bali Natural Stone Tiles – Beautiful Bali Stone Tiles at Bulgari Resort Bali