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New Summer Home Design Ideas with Bali Stone in 2021

Natural stone, especially Bali stone, has gained more popularity in recent years. It is because adding natural stone into the interior design of the house would elevate the sense of warmth and earthiness to the house. 

For those interested in building a summer house, here are some design ideas using Bali stone that can be applied to your dream house. 

Why natural stone? 

Natural stone is an umbrella stone for the type of stone that is cultivated by nature. Many types of stones have different textures and durability. Hence why natural stone such as Bali stone is considered a versatile material that could be used in any design style ranging from minimalistic design to rustic style. 

Andesite Stone as Terrace Flooring

Andesite Stone for Carport at Australian Private Home

Andesite is one of the natural stones that is known for its durability. In recent years, this type of stone has become more popular as it fits the industrial style, a design style that is currently on the rise. Its gray color also could fit a minimalistic home design. This stone is perfect for outdoor usage as it can withstand weather and mold. By using Andesite stone as the flooring of your terrace, not only will your home look sophisticated, it will also save up your money as the maintenance cost is fairly cheap.

Pebble Stones as The Bathroom Decoration

Bali pebbles for house backyard

As you finish your day, a warm bath would be the perfect way to unwind. That is why it’s important to design your bathroom carefully to have a nice relaxing experience each time you use the room. Adding pebbles to your bathroom floor could make your bathroom resemble those natural bathrooms in tropical resorts. Moreover, the unique texture of the pebbles would make your bathroom stand out even more. This small interior detail would make you feel like you’re in a Bali resort each time you take a bath.

Terrazzo as Kitchen Counter

Terrazzo for Kitchen Table at Hotel Amaris Tasikmalaya

While building a kitchen counter, you might want to look for durable and fairly easy-to-clean materials. For that reason, Terrazzo could be the best natural stone that you could use for your kitchen counter.  Terrazzo is a solid and non-porous composite material. Not only because of its durability, but its smooth surface also makes it easy to clean. Terrazzo itself comes in many colors with unique detailing. With this type of stone, your kitchen counter could be the stunning centerpiece of your house. 

There are still many more design ideas that incorporate Bali stone within them. These design ideas are just some of many of them. If you’re interested in adding these beautiful stones into your house, check out Stone Depot, a one-stop-shop for the best natural stones, or contact our Whatsapp/Mobile phone: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) and email: [email protected], for more information regarding sizes and finishing, as well as to place your order! 

The Eccentric Round Terrazzo Coffee Table

Bali terrazzo is the premium building material, produced by Stone Depot. If you need to find a Bali Natural Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email: [email protected]

As one of the best resorts in Central Java, MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang has always been a top destination for tourists. This is not an ordinary place because of tourists from all over the world dream of having a vacation in this place. MesaStila promises an unusual experience because you will stay in a resort with a very beautiful natural view.

Moreover, the building concept at this resort also has a unique design. There is a combination of traditional and environmentally friendly concepts to create a harmony that provides comfort, tranquility, and peace of mind. Interestingly, there are many unique designs that we can only find at this resort.

Eccentric Round Terrazzo Table Top that Brings Harmony at MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang

pink-terrazzo-coffe-mesastila-hotel-resort-magelang (1)
Beautiful pink round terrazzo coffe table for modern natural ambiance

On the outside, you will be amazed by the modern pink terrazzo desk which becomes the focal point as outdoor decoration. Meanwhile, in other resort areas, you will find the Bali Terrazzo Round Top Table which also stole the attention of visitors.

In fact, tabletop is something common in star resorts. But what MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang present has a very different appearance because this table is made of special materials. They use Bali Pink Terrazzo, a ready-to-use material that is often used for flooring and wall cladding projects.

However, this resort has a different way because it decided to use this material as a round top table, which succeeded in providing a sweet atmosphere in the resort area.

Pink Terrazzo with Sweet & Modern Taste

round-terrazzo-top-table-pink-mesastila-resort-magelang (2)
A beauty pink terrazzo for outdoor top table with rounded shape

Bali pink terrazzo is a ready-to-use material that works like magic. Only with this material, you can make several kinds of furniture that steal the show. Not only that, but Bali pink terrazzo also has a distinctive color so that it can become a focal point in a room.

Other than being able to mold as furniture such as a tabletop or desk, pink terrazzo is also used for flooring in restaurants, living rooms, or even bathrooms. Those who use terrazzo for interior and exterior projects are satisfied with the results. Each room that uses terrazzo also has an unusual character, depending on the color of the terrazzo in the room.

With a striking pink tone, the Bali pink terrazzo round top table at MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang has not only succeeded in providing a different atmosphere but also providing inspiration. They have proven that we must cross the line in exploration.

Terrazzo can be used as a material to mold as furniture that will give a new color to a room. This exceptional way also encourages many people to do something different in order to get extraordinary results. Especially with ready-to-use materials that are easy to use, now everyone has the opportunity to do creative things to create eccentric designs or furniture.

Spending your holiday at MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang will give you benefits as you get peace of mind and inspirational design for your next projects. Using Bali pink terrazzo, this resort built an eccentric round-top table that adds a different feel to the surrounding.

If you any further assistance, you need regarding the Bali Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email: [email protected]

The Eccentric Round Terrazzo Coffee Table

Looks Fun & Sweet, This Is Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table at MesaStila

Bali terrazzo is the premium building material, produced by Stone Depot. If you need to find a Bali Natural Stone supplier, contact us directly by clicking our Whatsapp link: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email: [email protected]

The living room needs the right arrangement to make it look charming and in accordance with the interior design concept. Usually, the homeowner will choose some furniture that will be the main decoration in the living room. They will try to mix and match chairs and coffee tables, mini desks, lighting fixtures, and several other small ornaments that can affect harmony.

But have you ever thought about doing something different? People tend to do things that others have already done so they don’t dare to try anything new. And if you need something to step on, MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang has a unique way to create a coffee table from terrazzo.

The Unique Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table at MesaStila Resort

pink-terrazzo-coffe-mesastila-hotel-resort-magelang (2)
The modern pink terrazzo coffe table outdoor at MesaStila

MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang is a beautiful place thanks to the perfect blend of nature and man-made resorts. This combination provides inspiration to explore beyond boundaries. This resort also uses unusual methods and materials to create a soothing atmosphere. One of the things they do is using terrazzo to create some furniture that becomes a focal point in several places.

After the success of the pink terrazzo desk, pink round top table, MesaStila has tried in making an exotic terrazzo pink coffee table. This is proof that courage has created a new style in perfecting interior and exterior design.

Round Terrazzo Coffee Table: Unlock The Design

Pink terrazzo may sound familiar to you, but for experienced constructors, it’s a material that will change the game. Terrazzo is a ready-to-use material made from several materials such as sand, concrete, tiles, and also small marble pieces that give it color.

This time, MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang uses Bali Pink Terrazzo which is known as one of the best materials for various projects. In Indonesia, terrazzo is used for wall cladding, flooring, and also molding some furniture such as desks and tabletops. MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang takes another approach by creating a coffee table that gives a magical touch to the living room.

pink-terrazzo-coffe-mesastila-hotel-resort-magelang (1)
Beautiful pink round terrazzo coffee table for modern natural ambiance

Now we can see that every empty space at MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang has better character with a pink coffee table made of terrazzo. Now you have good reasons to try something new with a different material.

You can try what MesaStila does by making a coffee table from terrazzo to fill the void in the living room or other place. And you also have the freedom to create your own creations with pink terrazzo that will enhance the look of the living room. This project will be very interesting because you will be required to think creatively in using pink terrazzo. But the result would be amazing as this material will help you to make everything perfect.

When people are afraid to try something new to add aesthetic value, this is your chance to step up and make proof that you can do something different. Using Bali Pink Terrazzo, MesaStila Resort has given us inspiration in creating a unique coffee table that adds fun in a certain area at the resort.

If you any further assistance, you need regarding the Bali Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Looks Fun & Sweet, This Is Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table at MesaStila


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