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Indonesia Terrazzo Floor Tiles – Modern Look of Terrazzo Tiles in W Seminyak Resort, Bali

Indonesia Terrazzo Tile – Modern & Elegant Flooring Tile in W Seminyak Resort, Bali

Indonesia Terrazzo Tiles in W Seminyak Resort with Modern Pattern

Luxurious resorts in Seminyak, Bali are known for using both natural and manufactured stones. Indonesia terrazzo floor tiles are popular for indoor and outdoor constructions at luxurious resorts. Beautiful and durable, terrazzo tiles were once dismissed as old-fashioned, before returning to the architectural trend in the 21st century. Now, terrazzo tiles are visible at various private and commercial buildings, including hotels and resorts. If you visit resorts, spas, and hotels in Seminyak, you can see terrazzo tiles adorning the lobbies, rooms, restaurants, and even swimming pools. They usually appear with other materials, such as black volcanic stone, wood, and marble.

Terrazzo Tile – Your Terrazzo Floor and Luxurious Resort Design Choice

terrazzo modern in bali
Indonesia Terrazzo Tiles for Bali’s Project – Photos courtesy of W Seminyak Resort, Bali

Indonesia terrazzo floor tiles have beautiful designs that match any architectures, such as luxurious Seminyak resorts. These resorts have unique designs, from traditional to contemporary. Terrazzo has subtle patterns and colors that you can combine with wood or natural stones. The patterns come from marble particles that are bound in a cement base. They create a unique floor that blends perfectly with the furniture. Terrazzo is also ideal for properties in tropical countries since the material retains the cool temperature. It makes the material perfect for a semi-outdoor construction and poolside floor. Located in the coastal area making it hot all year round, Seminyak is especially ideal for terrazzo installation.

Indonesia terrazzo floor tiles have beautiful decorative qualities. The surface consists of stone or mineral particles creating unique patterns. Terrazzo tiles have various base colors, such as white, beige, cream, grey, and red. The natural patterns create a unique look even without carpeting. You can combine terrazzo with other tiles, such as marble, limestone, or black volcanic stone. Terrazzo is also an excellent material for tub and pool, especially the ones that get exposed under hot stones. The application is easy because you only need a special terrazzo mix and standard tools to apply precut tiles on any flat surface.

Indonesia Terrazzo Tiles – Product by Stone Depot

Indonesian terrazzo has an excellent reputation among property developers and owners. Stone Depot is an Indonesian stone producer that sells high-quality terrazzo tiles. The tiles are available in standard sizes of 30x60x20 and 60x60x20, but you can discuss customized sizes for a particular project. Stone Depot terrazzo tiles are available in various patterns and colors, including Grey Crystal, Beige Classic, and the subtle Calista Red. Stone Depot also sells special TerraMix product to install the tiles. Trust your Indonesia terrazzo floor tiles on Stone Depot and build a luxury accommodation of your dream.

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Indonesia Terrazzo Floor Tiles Things You Need to Know

Indonesia Terrazzo Tiles – New Terrazzo Tiles Project at Wendy’s Trans Studio Mall, Cibubur by Stone Depot

Indonesia terrazzo tiles for flooring tile at Wendy’s Trans Studio Mall, Cibubur is durable, easy to clean, and blending seamlessly with the interior. Find out more about our latest project for Terazzo tiles!

Indonesia Terrazzo Tiles for Flooring Tiles at Wendy’s Resaturant Trans Studio Mall Cibubur

Terrazzo are among the most popular material for flooring tile at commercial establishments. You can see the example of Indonesia terrazzo tiles floor at Wendy’s Trans Studio Mall Cibubur. The fast-food court has creamy terrazzo tiles in its main dining area, with subtle patterns that blend seamlessly with the casual but elegant interior. The terrazzo floor matches with almost any color schemes and textures, making it a perfect option for a more permanent architectural design. The Trans Studio Wendy’s has wooden wall panels and tables, complete with black and red metal chair frames. The terrazzo tiles bind these different elements into a cohesive design.

Indonesia Terrazzo Tiles Benefits – Reasons Why Use Terrazzo for Flooring Tile

Wendy’s and many similar establishments in Indonesia use terrazzo tiles for good reasons. Indonesia terrazzo tile floor is ideal for indoor and outdoor installations. The material repels stain and moisture effectively, keeping the floor in top quality for a long time. The subtle textures reduce the need for carpeting, thanks to terrazzo’s unique aesthetic. These qualities make terrazzo an ideal option for hallways, lobbies, airports, restaurants, and many other commercial buildings or public facilities. Terrazzo tiles are not only great for the floor, but also fixed benches, tables, and wall accents. They come in various colors, such as grey, red, cream, and beige.

Indonesia Cream Nova Terazzo for Flooring Tiles Project

Indonesia terrazzo tiles floor is especially suitable for restaurants like Wendy’s. The material can withstand high feet traffic, perfect for a place with a lot of children. The terrazzo floor is easy to clean and mop, so stains and food particles are not big problems. Even after many years, terrazzo does not lose its beauty. You can re-polish and re-finish the surface when it looks worn out. It is a more cost-efficient option than replacing the entire floor during a total renovation. Terrazzo tiles are also great options for companies that apply environmentally friendly policy. The tiles’ unique textures are made of recycled stone chips, such as marbles.

Indonesia Cream Terazzo Tiles – Terrazzo Product

You can install terrazzo tiles from Stone Depot to create a durable, beautiful floor. This Bali-based stone manufacturer and exporter have served local and international projects since 2005. The clients come from 50 countries, such as the US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, France, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and South Africa. One of the projects included the terrazzo tile at Wendy’s Trans Studio Mall Cibubur. The terrazzo tiles are available in various great colors, such as classic white, crystal grey, deep red, classic beige, and subtle red. With high-quality material and manufacturing process, Indonesia terrazzo tiles floor from Stone Depot will improve the value of your commercial establishment.

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Indonesia Terrazzo Tiles – New Terrazzo Tiles Project at Wendy’s Trans Studio Mall, Cibubur by Stone Depot

Bali Terrazzo Tiles Jakarta – A Vintage Terazzo Top Table in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort Bali

Bali Terrazzo Tiles Jakarta brings the beautiful senses of Bar Top Table at Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort Bali

bali resin terazzo top table
Bali Resin Terazzo Top Table
White Terrazzo Bar Top Table

The Sofitel Bali resort is in the open and serene area of Nusa Dua, one of the most famous tourist regions in southern Bali. The Sofitel resort features a more modern design than most competitors in the area, while the stylish layout lasts all over the resort.The resort offers quite of lounge chairs for guests on the beach ahead. Facing the resort beach is the welcoming Toya Beach Bar & Grill with bar tables in resin terrazzo from Jakarta. Bali Terrazzo Tiles Jakarta keeps warmth effectually and can be poured into any molds. So, it is now being used to make furniture and hotel ware such as bar, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Terrazzo Features and Characteristics

Terrazzo is timeless, seamless and “marvelous”, create beautiful smooth surfaces. It is the original sustainable flooring material that is a cost-effective and flexible flooring system available today;consist of marble chips and other decorative collections combined in either an epoxy binder.  While Bali Terrazzo Tiles Jakarta features many benefits for commercial and residential projects. Nowadays, terrazzo is becoming essential in many construction tasks all over the world. This is because terrazzo offers characteristics that help in the formulation and function of construction. These offers include:

  • Durability
  • Sustainability
  • Indefinite Design
  • Low Maintenance and Costs
  • Microorganismsand Slip Resistance

Terrazzo Tiles in Bali – Creates Your DIY Vintage Bar Table of Resin Terrazzo

Blue Vintage Top Table Terrazzo Square
Blue Vintage Bali Terazzo Tiles Top Table

There are effectively limitless color and material selections from marble, crystal, glass and metal.It is particularly durable and assumed that it is made using offcuts, terrazzo is a sustainable beautifying choice as well, including Bali Terrazzo Tiles Jakarta . It is maintained due to smooth and durable polish. Bar table in resin terrazzo is suitable for the latest trend in bar and restaurant design. This material is currently used in residential indoor and outdoor furniture as well.  There is no uncertainty about the point that there are some benefits to using this material for a bar table: its moistness and flame-resistant, hard-wearing, and can handle most kinds of chemical reactions as well.

Where to Buy Terrazzo Tiles Jakarta in Bali

You can quickly get this perfect bar table in resin terrazzo for residential indoor and outdoor furniture in your upcoming project. One of the suitable depots to buy Bali Terrazzo Tiles Jakarta is Stone Depot. Stone Depot is the place that offers diverse resin terrazzo choices in great quality and affordable prices. If you are interested in seeking a  specific- quotation, samples for resin terrazzo, inquiries, collection,and delivery options, visit our website or email to [email protected] to get the information you may require.

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Bali Terrazzo Tiles Jakarta – A Vintage Terazzo Top Table in Sofitel Nusa Dua Resort Bali