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Looks Fun & Sweet, This Is Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table at MesaStila

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The living room needs the right arrangement to make it look charming and in accordance with the interior design concept. Usually, the homeowner will choose some furniture that will be the main decoration in the living room. They will try to mix and match chairs and coffee tables, mini desks, lighting fixtures, and several other small ornaments that can affect harmony.

But have you ever thought about doing something different? People tend to do things that others have already done so they don’t dare to try anything new. And if you need something to step on, MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang has a unique way to create a coffee table from terrazzo.

The Unique Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table at MesaStila Resort

pink-terrazzo-coffe-mesastila-hotel-resort-magelang (2)
The modern pink terrazzo coffe table outdoor at MesaStila

MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang is a beautiful place thanks to the perfect blend of nature and man-made resorts. This combination provides inspiration to explore beyond boundaries. This resort also uses unusual methods and materials to create a soothing atmosphere. One of the things they do is using terrazzo to create some furniture that becomes a focal point in several places.

After the success of the pink terrazzo desk, pink round top table, MesaStila has tried in making an exotic terrazzo pink coffee table. This is proof that courage has created a new style in perfecting interior and exterior design.

Round Terrazzo Coffee Table: Unlock The Design

Pink terrazzo may sound familiar to you, but for experienced constructors, it’s a material that will change the game. Terrazzo is a ready-to-use material made from several materials such as sand, concrete, tiles, and also small marble pieces that give it color.

This time, MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang uses Bali Pink Terrazzo which is known as one of the best materials for various projects. In Indonesia, terrazzo is used for wall cladding, flooring, and also molding some furniture such as desks and tabletops. MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang takes another approach by creating a coffee table that gives a magical touch to the living room.

pink-terrazzo-coffe-mesastila-hotel-resort-magelang (1)
Beautiful pink round terrazzo coffee table for modern natural ambiance

Now we can see that every empty space at MesaStila Spa & Resort Magelang has better character with a pink coffee table made of terrazzo. Now you have good reasons to try something new with a different material.

You can try what MesaStila does by making a coffee table from terrazzo to fill the void in the living room or other place. And you also have the freedom to create your own creations with pink terrazzo that will enhance the look of the living room. This project will be very interesting because you will be required to think creatively in using pink terrazzo. But the result would be amazing as this material will help you to make everything perfect.

When people are afraid to try something new to add aesthetic value, this is your chance to step up and make proof that you can do something different. Using Bali Pink Terrazzo, MesaStila Resort has given us inspiration in creating a unique coffee table that adds fun in a certain area at the resort.

If you any further assistance, you need regarding the Bali Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table, please click this Whatsapp link to contact us directly: https://wa.me/6285336906433 (Putri) or email: [email protected]

Looks Fun & Sweet, This Is Pink Terrazzo Coffee Table at MesaStila