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Bali Natural Stone – Stunning Bali Stone Style At Nikoi Island

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Courtessy: IG nikoiisland

Courtessy: IG nikoiisland

In recent times, many people are talking about Bali stone style at Nikoi Island, which has a beautiful and incredible charm. It was no surprise when many people are interested in talking about the Nikoi Island that had recently been named the best private island in 2016 by Conde Nast Traveller magazine. The island has a charm and beauty that is very inappropriate to get appreciation. The management apparently seeks to develop the island region with the concept of eco-tourism. The island with 48 villas is apparently quite attracted worldwide attention with the terrors of nature, facilities, and services offered.

Bali Stone – Best Bali Natural Stone for Bali Design Style

Some people may not have been familiar with the existence of Nikoi Island, which is in the north of Bintan, Riau Islands. However, when you have been there, you certainly will feel being in heaven because nature is so beautiful and the best facilities and services offered. The island has 48 villas that plan would not get another addition to maintaining the beauty of the environment and free from household waste. You can enjoy the beauty of the coast of the island with white sandy beaches and clean. A vast sea on all sides with clear blue water also can feel the sensation in the luxurious swimming pool on the island. You can find Bali stone style at Nikoi Island, especially in the private swimming pool in a villa in the island.



The use of natural stone in building various properties has become popular in recent times. There are many types of natural stone can be applied to enhance the artistic value of a building. Natural stone can be used for walls, floors, fences, ornamental pillars, the pool, or otherwise. Bali stone is one kind of natural stone that can be selected to enhance the decor of the building, especially when applied to the pool. You can see Bali stone style at Nikoi Island that provides a natural touch and comfort in a private pool on the island. Nikoi Island brings the concept of ecotourism where what is offered in the area was sought to provide an understanding and awareness of the importance of recognizing and protecting the environment. The use of natural stone in the region reinforces the concept to the visitors.

Bali Stone – Best Bali Design Style at Nikoi Island

Natural and simple concept that is brought to the management of Nikoi Island is an advanced one of the attractions for visitors. When in the area, visitors could feel the atmosphere that is so strong and close to nature. Nevertheless, the facilities available in the villa on the island are very modern but still environmentally friendly. The menu is provided and the services provided have a very good quality. With the concept of a more environmentally friendly, travel to the island is apparently also quite affordable in comparison to other similar tourist destinations. It would further provide added value for the management of these areas. You can see how beautiful and comfortable Bali stone style at Nikoi Island that will make you feel the atmosphere of nature are so strong.



When some time ago, many developers and property managers offered a modern concept and luxurious, at this time, the concept of a simple nature and apparently is quite popular. One of the simplicity that you can see is like Bali stone style at Nikoi Island. The swimming pool using the Bali stone is very simple and natural, but also an impressive display of luxury and elegance.

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Bali Natural Stone – Stunning Bali Stone Style At Nikoi Island

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