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Buy Green Sukabumi Stone – Direct Factory Price

Bali Green Sukabumi Thailand. Photo courtesy of Renaissance Pattaya Resort & Spa Thailand

Green Stone Sukabumi is one of the tiles which becomes society’s favorite material. You only can find this material in Sukabumi, Indonesia. It is exported to some countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. This material becomes a favorite one among the other tiles’ material because it has some benefits for your floor or wall. Green Stone Sukabumi will be greenish in a wet situation. Meaning, this stone is a perfect material for your pool, ponds, or the bathroom. It also can absorb the hot temperature to keep the floor or wall cool. Within all benefits of this stone, where can you buy Green Sukabumi Stone?

Buy Green Sukabumi Stone from Stone Depot Indonesia

Stone Depot QC Team – Sorting our Premium Green Sukabumi

One of the most favorite places to buy Green Sukabumi Stone is Stone Depot. This store provides the Green Stone for the swimming pool mosaic tiles, pool wall, or bathroom floor and wall in variety sizes and types. You can put this nonslippery tiles in your pool. There are some options for size, from 100x100mm to 300x300mm. Each cut have thickness around 10mm and squaring 1mm. This Green Sukabumi Stone contains a zeolite agent which is well-known as a natural filter to purify the water from the ammonia or any other trashes. If you buy the Green Sukabumi Stone from Stone Depot, you will get a high-quality zeolite which has the best ion exchange. This ion can remove and recovery heavy metal cations like Pb, Cu, Mn, Fe, Zn, Co, and Cr.

Buy Green Sukabumi Stone Price Factory

Bali Green Stone Tiles Product by Stone Depot

Green Sukabumi stone or also is well-known as Pedra Hijau Verde has harsh and solid texture. It has two types of motive; crystal and plain green color. At Stone Depot, you can buy the variety Green Sukabumi Stone’s cut such as sawn cut, honed, and rock face –or usually called as rough finishing. It has green natural color and might be the best color for natural application. If you want to buy Green Sukabumi Stone, these are some price list :

Green Sukabumi – Honed Grade A

  • 100x100x10mm = USD 26.0/ m2
  • 100x200x10mm = USD 26.5/ m2
  • 150x150x10mm = USD 27.0/ m2
  • 200x200x10mm = USD 28.0/ m2

Green Sukabumi – Honed Grade B

  • 100x100x10mm = USD 18.0/ m2
  • 100x200x10mm = USD 18.5/ m2
  • 150x150x10mm = USD 19.5/ m2
  • 200x200x10mm = USD 20.0/ m2

The special thing of Indonesia Green Sukabumi Stone is it consisted of zeolites. The zeolites in its material can be used to reduce the ammonia in the pool. It will keep your pool clean from the bad smell. The zeolites will filter the other strange material in the pool. Not only that, but the substance of the Sukabumi Stone is also well-known as a thermally stable. It will not easily get distracted by the natural condition as weather changes. So, what are you waiting for? Go get your special deal and don’t forget to buy Green Sukabumi Stone from the trusted seller. Get a new experience with beneficial Green Sukabumi Stone in your pool, ponds, or even your bathroom for a best me time in your house.

For further details regarding our Green Sukabumi Stone product, please contact us through Whatsapp/Mobile Phone: +62 811-201-480 (Winsen) or email us on [email protected]

Buy Best Green Sukabumi Stone – Direct Factory Price

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone India – Why Green Sukabumi Stone Can Improve Building Projects in India

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone India – Stone Depot has great qualities that complement any Indian buildings

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles – Product by Stone Depot

Adding Bali green Sukabumi stone India will improve your building projects, such as for a house, villa, spa, hotel, and public building. India is known for using a lot of natural stones in its architectural projects, which are seen in its ancient, classic, and modern architectures. India uses marble, granite, and limestone extensively in its architectural designs, ranging from the famous Taj Mahal to various Hindu temples and historical buildings. If you want to build a property in India, adding green Sukabumi stone will increase its beauty and value. The stone also goes well with typical Indian interior designs and architecture.

Sukabumi Stone India – Reasons Green Sukabumi Stone Perfect for Indian Buildings

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Size Available

Indian buildings use a lot of natural stones, so Bali green Sukabumi stone India tiles and slabs will blend perfectly into the design. This stone is a type of deposit stone called zeolite, which has rough textures that still faintly visible even after extensive surface treatment. The turquoise green color also complements a lot of Indian-style buildings. The green stone is especially great when paired with marbles and limestone. The pale stones complement the green very well, creating an elegant contrast. Greenstone tiles are great for building baths, swimming pools, and ponds. You can also turn them into wall accents, both for the interior and exterior.

Bali green Sukabumi stone India like the one from Stone Depot is imported from Indonesia. Since the stone only comes from an old West Javanese quarry, the material has an exclusive touch. The textures are perfect for swimming pools and spa since people don’t slip easily on them. The zeolite also contains small pores that trap molecules, making it a popular option for a water filtration facility. The pores help to keep your pool water clean and healthy, while the stone’s temperature-retaining ability keeps your pool in a comfortable temperature for swimming. It is also good to build a decorative pathway or terrace since the stone doesn’t get hot easily.

Buy Green Sukabumi Stone – Where to Order Green Sukabumi Stone

Bali-based Stone Depot is a reliable natural stone supplier that provides various stones from Indonesia. The stones have rich colors, textures, and looks, which will complement any Indian buildings. Stone Depot provides green stone tiles and slabs in various sizes. You can choose from several designs and cuts, from rough split face tiles to delicate mosaic slabs. Stone Depot has had experiences with building projects in 50 countries, including the United States, Australia, Germany, Japan, France, the UK, and of course India. Contact Stone Depot now to make inquiries and discuss your project preferences to get the best Bali green Sukabumi stone India products your constructions need.

For further details regarding Bali green Sukabumi stone India, you can contact us through our Whatsapp / Mobile Phone: +62 811 201 480 (Winsen) or email us on [email protected]

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone India – Why Green Sukabumi Stone Can Improve Building Projects in India

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone – Exclusive Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Project in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai by Stone Depot

Bali green sukabumi stone has been attracted many people around the world especially Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai. Find out here to more about our extraordinary project!

Photo courtesy: Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai

Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai’s pool uses Bali Green Sukabumi stone as the pool tiles material. You can found the elegant and unique pool colors in the exclusive place of here. The Bulgari Yacht Club is one of the great destinations here that you can found the beautiful look of Sukabumi stone tiles. Inbuilt the resort, the architect wanted to have the atmosphere of the Mediterranean style within this place. The man had chosen the lush green palm trees and 46 boats in the harbour to combine with the luxury green pool of the surrounding resort. The wonderful things come from architect is about the decision to choose one of the most famous natural stones in Bali as the pool tiles material. It’s surely any reason why the architect chooses the stone from us. The architect had chosen Stone Depot as the perfect partner to supply Bali green sukabumi stone is because the standards quality of stone we made. Premium quality and good durability stone is the main value of our product. We often select only the best raw material to enter the production process. Also, we checking the durability and colors by water test section to protect and reject the bad materials. Around 5,000 sqm of Green Sukabumi, we had supplied for the Swimming pool project in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai. It takes less than 100 days of production time to produce 5,000 sqm of Green Sukabumi stone because we often have a stock sale in the warehouse.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai – The Stone Depot Project in Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai

green sukabumi stone dubai
Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai (Photo courtesy: Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai)

Established in 2017, Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai soon become one of the most exclusive getaway destinations. It’s really adorable moment for us can supply Indonesia’s natural stone to the resort which located in Jumeira Bay. Every detail in this resort is well thought, include the use of Bali green sukabumi stone in Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai. This beautiful natural stone is installed in the pool and gives a sense of luxury and relaxation for the resort. If you want to give a sense of luxury and relaxation also for your own property, it’s a really good choice to use and order the Green Sukabumi stone.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Dubai – Things You Should Know

bali-green-sukabumi-stone-dubai (2)
Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai Project (Photo courtesy: Bulgari Resort & Hotel, Dubai)

Bali green sukabumi stone is a well-known natural stone used as pool tiles in luxurious property all over the world. Luxurious villas in Bali, Hawaii, Phuket, and many other countries choose Bali green sukabumi stone for their pool area. To find the luxurious property that using green sukabumi stone in Dubai, it’s hard. Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai already installed this Bali green stone as the tiles in both their indoor and outdoor pool. Sukabumi stone is widely chosen due to its green color. The color of the stone makes the swimming pool looks elegant and gives the guests feeling like they are swimming in a clear sea. In addition to its elegant water effect, Bali green sukabumi stone in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai also has a unique temperature. This quartzite stone from Indonesia fits Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai’s outdoor pool well in summer. The tiles don’t absorb heat, instead, the tiles from Bali green stone has a cold surface. So, the weather in summer is tolerable. The guests can chill inside the swimming pool even on a hot day without feeling uncomfortable. Thus, swimming in the Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai’s pool in summer is a really good way to relax on your getaway.

Where to Buy Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Dubai?

Are you interested in bringing Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai’s Pool to your property? If so, you need to find a reliable supplier. Stone Depot maybe your best option as they are the leading natural stone manufacturer, exporter, and landscaping in Indonesia. We are known both nationally and internationally as a trusted natural stone supplier and have served customers in more than 80 countries from Asia to America.

So, to have similar Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai installed, do contact our team by email: [email protected] or direct message to Whatsapp / Mobile Phone: +62 811-201-480 (Winsen)

Our experienced team will kindly help you in your way of making a decision.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone – Exclusive Green Sukabumi Stone for Swimming Pool Project in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai by Stone Depot

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