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Black Lava Stone, Perfect for Swimming Pool Tiles Dubai

Dubai strikes again when they decide to make their pools look more amazing and dazzling at its luxurious hotels. The swimming pool tiles in Dubai are mainly made of a glamorous Black Lava Stone, which is also known as Pedra Hitam. It could create an illusion, so the pools look more elegant.

Most luxury swimming pools in Dubai’s hotels and resorts commonly use Pedra Hitam as pool tiles. Most luxury swimming pools in Dubai’s hotels and resorts commonly use Pedra Hitam as pool tiles.

Not only is it there but also all around the world. It has a grey color when it is dry, but it will get darker than the color black when it is getting wet. So, if you aim for a dominant and exquisite concept, this one is for you.

Reasons Pedra Hitam is the Best Choice for Swimming Pool Tiles Dubai

Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai Project (2)
Green Sukabumi for Bulgari Resort & Hotel in Dubai

There are four reasons why you should use Pedra Hitam as your swimming pool tiles. Here are the reasons!

1.      Perfect for Dubai’s Weather

Because of its color, the Pedra Hitam can absorb the hot weather easily. And when the weather is getting colder, the stones will release their heat.

This makes its water feel warmer in the nighttime. It matches perfectly with Dubai’s weather. You don’t need to worry about it and still can play in the pools anytime you want.

2.      Perfect for Dubai’s Architecture

Having elegant-looking pools that perfectly match the architecture of its building is too good to be true. With Pedra Hitam, it will no longer be a dream. Its black color perfectly matches Dubai’s architecture. So glamorous and luxurious.

If you want an exotic and tropical vibe, you can combine Pedra Hitam with Green Sukabumi Stone. With the right design, it surely can make your pool look more dazzling and fantastic.

3.      Durable

As a natural stone that can only be found in volcanic areas in Indonesia, Black Lava Stone surely has durability. One of the seven wonders in the world, Candi Borobudur was built with the materials of Pedra Hitam. You may already know how durable Candi Borobudur is, it is obvious that the stones have a high quality.

Natural stone tiles are highly recommended because they are durable no matter how extreme the temperature is. The stone can last for a long time, especially if you are taking care of it properly.

4.      Safe

The best thing about Pedra Hitam is the fact that it is safe. The stone has an anti-slip property. It reduces the possibility of an accident happening in the pool. So, you can play in the pool without worrying about that.

How to Purchase It?

You can purchase Black Lava Stone from Stone Depot. Stone Depot is a swimming pool tiles Dubai supplier that only sells high-quality stone tiles from Java and Bali.

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