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Exclusive Bali Green Sukabumi Stone For Swimming Pool Project in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai by Stone Depot

The Yacht Club at Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai

A luxury 5 star resort in Dubai has been attracted many people around the world by using green sukabumi stone inside the pool.

Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai’s pool uses Green Sukabumi stone as the pool tiles material.

You can found the elegant and unique pool colors in the exclusive place of here.

The Bulgari Yacht Club, is one of great destinations here that you can found the beautiful look of Sukabumi stone tiles.

In built the resort, the architect wanted to have the atmosphere of Mediterranean style within this place.

The man had chosen the lush green palm trees and 46 boats in harbour to combine with the luxury green pool of the surounding’s resort.

The wonder things come from architect is about the decision to choose one of the most famous natural stone in Bali as the pool tiles material.

It’s surely any reason why the architect choose the stone from us.

The architect had chosen Stone Depot as the perfect partner to supply Bali green sukabumi stone is because the standards quality of stone we made.

Premium quality and the good durability stone is the main value of our product.

We often selecting only the best raw material to enter the production process.

Also we checking the durability and colors by water test section to protect and reject the bad materials.

Around 5,000 sqm of Green Sukabumi we had supply for Swimming pool project in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai.

It takes less than 100 days of production time to produce 5,000 sqm of Green Sukabumi stone because we often have stock sale in the warehouse.

The midnight views of Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai’s pool

Amazing Experience Project with Luxury 5 Star Resort in Dubai

Established in 2017, Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai soon become one of the most exclusive getaway destination.
It’s really adorable moment for us can supply Indonesia natural stone to the resort which located in Jumeira Bay.

Every detail in this resort is well thought, include the using of Bali green sukabumi stone in Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai.
This beautiful natural stone is installed in the pool and gives a sense of luxury and relaxation for the resort.

If you want to gives sense of luxury and relaxation also for your own property, it’s really good choice to use and order the Green Sukabumi stone.

More About Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai – The Elegant & Remarkable Things

Bali green sukabumi stone is a well-known natural stone used as pool tiles in luxurious property all over the world.

Luxurious villas in Bali, Hawaii, Phuket, and many other countries choose Bali green sukabumi stone for their pool area.

To find the luxurious property that using green sukabumi stone in Dubai, it’s not hardly.

Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai already installed this Bali green stone as the tiles in both their indoor and outdoor pool. Sukabumi stone is widely chosen due to it’s green color.

The color of the stone makes the swimming pool looks elegant and gives the guests feeling like they are swimming in a clear sea.

In addition to it’s elegant water effect, Bali green sukabumi stone in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai also has unique temperature.

This quartzite stone from Indonesia fits Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai’s outdoor pool well in summer.

The tiles don’t absorb heat, instead the tiles from Bali green stone has a cold surface. So, the weather in summer is tolerable.

The guests can chill inside the swimming pool even on a hot day without feeling uncomfortable.
Thus, swimming in the Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai’s pool in summer is a really good way to relax on your getaway.

Exterior side of Bulgari Resort & Hotel Dubai

Where to Find Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Dubai

Are you interested in bringing Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai’s Pool to your property?
If so, you need to find a reliable supplier.

Stone Depot may be your best option as they are the leading natural stone manufacturer, exporter, and landscaping in Indonesia.
We are known both nationally and internationally as a trusted natural stone supplier and have served customers in more than 80 countries from Asia to America.

Our several project includes Bulgari resort & hotel dubai, private swimming pool in Texas, project Renaissance Pattaya Spa & Resort Thailand, Camaya Coast beach properties in Bataan, Phillipines and many more.

So, to have similar Bali Green Sukabumi Stone in Bulgari Hotel & Resort Dubai installed, do contact our team by email : or directly message to Whatsapp / Mobile Phone : +62 811-201-480 (Winsen)

Our experienced team will kindly help you in your way to making decision.

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